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Hydroxyprogestrone blood test. Best cycle day to test?

Hi it's me again sorry!

Does anyone know what day is best to test for hydroxyprogestrone based on a 28 day cycle? I was hoping one of you lovely ladies on here may have had this test I know it's not an NHS rountine blood test. The phlebotomy clinic I booked up this test were vague (no doctors there). The receptionist told me within first part of cycle. Is this correct? I have booked it up for what should be day 9 of my cycle ( as I'm on holiday a few days later). It's costing me £85 so I need to be sure I'm running this test on the correct day. Google hasn't been any help lol!

All the best with trying/treatment X

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Have a read of this web page:

Infertility Testing Step 3: Egg Quality and Hormones - Cycle Day 3:

Testosterone, DHEAS, and 17-hydroxyprogesterone are androgens (male hormones) that may be useful to check in women who also have excessive hair growth (hirsutism)


You could try emailing some of the websites that mention doing the testing, even if they might be in the US, just to see if there is a common day?


Thank you hollibob that's a great idea. I will do that .Dr Google wasn't any help! How are things with you? X


It's annoying when you can't find simple information on there!!

I'm good thanks lovely :-)


Your link was most helpful hollibob 😃 it states day 3. I have contacted the clinic to double check it. Thank you glad you're ok x


update: clinic have said that it does not matter what day of cycle this test is done providing that is done within first half of my cycle. Will have this test done on same day as oestradiol and prolactin. x


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