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Cramping 3-5 days post possible conception... Anyone experienced this ???

Long story short-

-Been feeling well and not suffering my usual debilitating pain associated with endometriosis , worst in my back but endo found in ovaries in March this year.

-As feeling well wanted to try again. 2days post conception diaherra, 3-5 days cramping pains, feels different to endo thought (although clearly I could be willing it that way)

-day 5 feeling full and bloated, literally like my tummy is in my way if bend down extra.

-Has anyone experienced symptoms this early or am I just willing them to be here?

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Yes I did, I suffered with cramping pains really bad to the point I thought I was miscarrying, like you say it felt different to endo. Then had funny stretching sort of pains and the doc said that was just the endo even though I was like I was like it can't be stretching already! Anyway it was all ok and now I have a 7 month old. It gets better the further along you get. Good luck xx

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Hi Hopeful82. It does seem as if the pain you are experiencing is possibly due to your endometriosis, as unfortunately, it just won't disappear. I would wait until you know for definite if you're pregnant or not. If you are and you had IVF, you could still be reacting to drugs and egg collection etc which is quite normal. Hope all goes well for you. Diane


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