Progesterone blood test results in and I'm confused!

Hi ladies and gents.Hope everyone is ok.

I have decided to run some tests whilst I await my NHS fertility appointment next month with hubby. I have found a private phlebotomy clinic that can provide this service. Sadly there's no Drs to interpret results 😱. My progesterone levels came back as 30.8 nmol/L. Does that indicate that ovulation took place this month? Unsure what to tell hubby πŸ™„πŸ˜‚.

Good luck to you all hope your dreams come true 🍼

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  • Hi jess lovely Diane had replied to a post of mine earlier and said levels should be over 30 to show ovulation occurred so you are fine! X

  • Thank you. My body is doing something right!How about that haha!! How are things with you? x

  • I am ok thanks jess! Had another blood test yesterday to check my day 21! I never thought I would want to see my period quicker than I do now!! My stomach is so bloated. I am going to start drinking ginger tea to kick start it! Hope it helps lol x

  • Aww it's horrible when our bodies behave in such an unpredictable manner. 😑 I hope the dr can get to the bottom of it. And your treatment doesn't get delayed. When do you get your blood test result? Got my fingers crossed for you πŸ€ sure it'll be fine. It's horrible waiting on results. Let me know how you get on X

  • Hi yes you definatly ovulated. The target is 30 mine never went over 19 each time they did it. It's tricky tho as irregular cycles meant I ovd earlier some months and it wasn't always on day 21. Anything up to 28 is the surge and over 30 means egg was defo released. That's what they told us. Turns out my thyroid tsh was too high and once that was fixed we began to ovulate again and now we're 17 weeks pregnant. X

  • Hi Jess1981. I'm sure you have ovulated, so well done! Anything 30nmols and above is positive. Diane

  • Thank you. for replying Diane.At least my body is doing something right lol! x

  • Hi jess1981. Indeed it is! Relax now and enjoy the sunshine while it's here. Diane

  • Thank you misswinky34. Congratulations and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.Amazing what the experts can do x

  • I've had about 30 of these blood test over the years. I have it done monthly now. Anything over 30 indicates you have definitely ovulated. Off drugs is a good sign with your result. On meds mine range from 50-87.x

  • Thank you keekee21 it's nice to know my body is doing something right lol! Hope all is going well with you X

  • Thanks Jess. It's been along road as you also understand. We have tried everything so now on waiting list for our first IVF. Hopefully have planning appointment in September. A consultant has retired causing a delay. Once I know when it will be I can relax. Last treatment of ovulation stimulation this week. Had 9 months in total. And I feel myself coming on, we knew after 3 months we didn't think it would work without IVF. Keep us posted on your journey.xx

  • It's such a journey isn't it. I'm sorry to hear the treatment wasn't successful. I have been labeled unexplained for nearly 5 years it's so frustrating. This month I had my nk cells tested and lo and beyond its higher than it should be so I'm hoping that is what is causing it. Why the NHS don't recommend more couples going through infertility more tests (even if it meant paying) I do not know. It could save couples lots of heartache.

    Sorry to here that there has been a delay that sucks. Waiting is just the worst isn't it?we are planners and we need to know dates it's gives us something to focus on. I hope you get an appointment soon. NHS can be slow (that's why I'm running my own tests) we booked ours up in May and our appointment isn't till end of August ( might be coz the leading consultant insisted on seeing me himself). I would keep on at clinic and checking if an appointment becomes available. Its horrible but unless you keep on you just get disregarded. I hate being like that but sometimes you have to so you can get somewhere. It's not fair to keep you in the dark. Just say you're looking into booking up a holiday and need a rough time scale (even if yours not 😏)

    Maybe treat yourselves to a nice break or something between now and next appointment.Give yourselves time to re coupe and charge your batteries! We are going away 2 weeks prior our appointment in our new NHS ( don't get me started on our first NHS clinic be there forever haha) and I think will "relax " us. It never really goes away tho dose it?

    All the best with your IVF cycle I really hope it brings you your much wanted and deserved baby X

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