Freaking out!!!! 5 weeks +1 pregnant & having Red blood spotting HELP!!!

Hi ladies am really freaking out today and need to no if anyone else has had red blood spotting when wiping?? Its like a musuc..Called the nurse today she was so lovely but didnt seem concerned she said becoz its only when i wipe and its only spotting that its nothing to worry about..but its bright red so its fresh blood..she said becoz its when id have had AF it could be break through bleed and that many ladies who have IVF with 2 embryos transfered normaly experiance bleeding on and off..but its worrying me scared am gonna miscarry after years of trying this is my first BFP 😒 and all am beeing told is dont worry its normal its only spotting and u have no pain so dont stress!!! how can i not stress this is my Baby or Babys we talking about..advise ladies PLEASE!!!!!

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  • Relax, keep yourself calm (I know easier said than done) put your feet up and drink lots of water. When is your scan? Xx

  • Thank u babez for ur reply.. its just worrying me the lack of concern the nurses are showing and my scans not till next thursday at 6+1 stressing so much about this its took me yrs to get my BFP and its like nurses arnt even bothered..howz u?? Howz ur journey going?? Xx

  • They don't show much compassion do they? Just make sure you get lots of rest, try and stay away from work and drink plenty. It's such a hurdle isn't it? You get your BFP but still worry about everything. I'm sure if they were concerned they would get you in before. Can you go to your EPU clinic?? I have all my fingers crossed for you πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    I'm ok- got my BFP on Sunday with a HPT and had bloods taken Monday to confirm where my HCG was 89 they redone the test yesterday and it was only 104 nowhere near doubled. I'm in again tomorrow to see what my levels are πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» Praying they have doubled otherwise not sure what's next for us. It was also our first BFP in all the years we have been trying! This is sure an emotional journey xxx

  • It sure is an emotional rollercoster lianm8...congrats on ur BFP so happy for you..did u get ur BFP fist time?? We had one failed fresh with 1 day 5 embryo then got our BFP with FET with 2 day 5 embryos..babez if ur first set doubled this nxt set will sure have doubled 2 u will see & ive just been signed off work for the nxt month due to the spotting and told 2 get plenty of bed rest when am gonna follow u so we can keep in touch is that ok?? Xx

  • Yeah was my first time- we have a fresh cycle in Feb which failed and an FET which failed in May both of nhs. We went private and had the NK cell test done my levels came back high they treated me this cycle with two embroys and got my BFP. Just waiting game now to see if my HCG has doubled if it hasn't doesn't look good!

    Glad you have been signed off get the rest you need and have your other half waiting on you hand and foot!!!!

    Yes follow me will be nice to keep in touch 😊 Fingers crossed the bleeding stops for you xx

  • Thank you babez and am more then sure u will get that more then doubled HCG result keep in touch xxx

  • Hi Hun

    Your allowed to go straight to your epu, the criteria for us with assisted fertility was cramps or bleeding, you've had both haven't you albeit seperatlty and on different weeks. That's what I would do. Could be something and nothing but at least you will be put at ease. If you google Nhs choices it will tell you where your nearest epu is. You don't have to go trough your clinic.


  • Hi misswinky34 ive been 2 my gp,whos signed me off work for a month & bleeding seems to be stopping thankfully..been told it cant harm to take an extra pessarie per day 2 make sure i have enough progesterone as my progesterone levels may be low and to rest said when i had my levels checked on monday they are still more then doubling so everthin seems fine..but i think untill i see that heart beat or heart beats (fingers crossed for twins lol) i wont stop stressing xx

  • Am 8 weeks today and been bleeding for about 3 weeks now and they done seem worried at all as u no my 7 week scan went well but phoned and got another scan tomorrow as I was getting fresh blood with clots but still don't seem worried at all they say about of woman bleed only to worry when it's pouring out u and get really bad pains I was so upset thinking I was losing my baby when I first started bleeding but ino i need to be calm for the baby as much as I can but it is so worrying when do u go for ur scan hun massive hugs xxxxx

  • Thanks lynsey86 ,oooh bless u ur really going through it 2 bless u ..speaking with u really makes my mind settle when ur drs also dont seem 2 worried thankfully..let me no how it all goes at scan tomorrow and yh i have my first can on thursday and am so nervous with bleeding & praying hard to see that little heart beat / heart beats & thats what i keep telling myself stay calm but easier said then done xxx

  • Yeah that's only reason am calm is because they definitely said u will no if ur having a miscarriage coz how much u do bleed and the pain is like no other so am sure ur baby is doing just fine hun like mine is and u will see there wee heart beats be so good if it was twins for you ☺ get my scan soon so will definitely put another pic up aww it's definitely so easy to say stay calm but staying calm well that's a different story haha I really do wish u so much luck and happiness hun xxxx

  • Thank u babez,i cant wait 2 see ur scan pic today,when u post it and am praying for twins and so is my hubby lol xxx

  • Awww I hope it is then I was thinking I would love to twins but my partner said he would be moving away if that was the case haha but so blessed and grateful to have one as never ever thought I would have any ohhh I definitely want twins for u both now xxxxx

  • Ah thank u babez my hubby even said hed wish for 3 i nearly passed out lol xx

  • Omg what a handful that would be lol xxxxx

  • Good luck for Tommoro Lynsey xxx

  • Thank you huni xxxx

  • Sadly theres not alot you can do other than literally bed rest for a couple of days. And its so frustrating when you just want answers and a magic wand to tell you everythings going to be fine. Take some comfort in the fact that alot of women do bleed and go onto to have healthy babies. The whole ivf process is constant waiting and even when you get that bfp its then another world of constant waiting. Try and stay calm, rest and I hope everything is ok xx

  • Thank u so much baby2016 we stress waiting on our BFP then stress even more when we get it lol...just praying to see a heart beat/ heart beats on thursday but only 6+1 on that day so dont no if thats to early or will hear heart beat..howz u babez?? Xx

  • I would like to say don't worry but you will anyway. Try to at least stay calm spotting is normal. They even say a heavy billed can be normal in some women. Keep hyrated and rest up I am sure it's nothing

  • Thank u tamtam1 the bleeding has stoped 2day so am a lot more calm.howz u and hows thingz ur end?? Xx

  • Hey hon

    Glad it's stopped. Not sure how I feel still angry about it and life isn't fair. I hold on to the belief this is not how our story ends but then who really knows what is written. I wish you well x

  • Hi babez am so sorry and dont give up u will defo get ur BFP dont give up..and am bleeding again so scared its still only light but its been 5 days not this isnt good and hospital telling me keep an eye thats all am so frustrated babez xxx

  • You will

    Be nothing will take the fear away. Keep in touch and I hope it all settles down xx

  • I really hope everything is ok for you, I have been in your position before and know that some nurses can be quite abrupt which does not help matters! Sadly for me the bleeding got worse and I eventually miscarried but I will pass on some advice which a lovely nurse gave to me, the words have stayed with me for the last six years and did give me some comfort that it was not my fault: 'do your best to relax, at this stage it is out of your hands. Some women climb mountains and the baby survives, some women go on complete bed rest and the baby does not. Be kind to yourself and to your partner' xxx

  • Sorry to ask how long did u spot befor miscarring happened as ive been spotting now for 3 days no pain and only very light spotting nothing heavey xx

  • Hi sorry for late reply... I spotted for a couple of days, then went for a scan where we saw baby's heart fluttering, then about three days after that it came away. Let us know how you are, thinking of you x

  • Oooh am so sorry thay must have been even harder to see babys heart beat then loose him or her thays so sad 😯 am panicking as saturday i had wht was like a light period for an hour then back 2 spotting and am only 5+5 just praying it was the other embryo and not my baby.i still have all my preg symptoms nothins changed am still beein woke by thr urge to be sick and everything feels the same just the bleed on sat panicking me,i have a scan alpoint at 11.20 this morning am so scared..howz u 2day??

  • It was horrendous, but it really opened my eyes in terms of how hard TTC can be!! I went on to have an ectopic pregnancy 2 years ago which again was horrible and painful but I was better equipped to deal with it because of the first mc. It sounds like yours is a breakthrough bleed and all the other signs sound promising, I stopped having symptoms with both of my mc so I knew something wasn't right! I am doing good today feeling nervous as we have the baseline scan on weds to start stimming on our first cycle, we are using ICSI as hubby has low motility. Please let me know how you get one at your appointment will be thinking of you fingers crossed xxx

  • Oooh babez uv really been through it i hope and pray ur cycle this time u get to have ur beautiful healthy baby ur longing for..i so hope its just breakthrough sitting in the scan waiting room praying with all my mite that everything will be usual there running late up to 40minz which dont help at all i just want so badly for everthing to be ok xx

  • We try to look on them as positives in that I've been pregnant twice before so hopefully IVF stands a good chance of working! I am so hoping your scan goes ok, it's awful when they are running late especially if you have a full bladder!!! Xxx

  • Hi, first of all try to stay calm. I know that's easy to say but getting worked up isn't good for you mentally or physically.

    I had a FET with two embryos at the start of May followed by BFP. At 5wk4days I had a bleed, only one episode, but I would call it a bleed rather than spotting. It was a big enough patch of fresh red blood on my pad. That was a Thursday and I had scan already booked for the following tues, clinic said there was nothing to be done so just wait and see what happens at scan.

    Spent the whole weekend assuming it was game over only to see one healthy baby with heartbeat at the scan. I had no further bleeding or spotting other than that one episode. In my own mind, it was the second embryo being rejected - I don't know if that is really the case, but that's what I've told myself anyway! I'm now 14 weeks and so far so good with my one sticky embryo!

    Just remember, it's not over til it's over. Spotting is pretty normal in the most straightforward of pregnancies. My mother told me she had spotting all the way through one of her three healthy pregnancies. Try and relax as much as you can until you get to that scan date.

    Good luck!

  • Thank u so much for ur reply,thats wht ive been wondering is it the other embryo coming through, as ive still got all the pregnancy symptoms and no pain just this red spotting on and off for 3 days i pray 2 see a nice healthy heart beat on thur at scan ,well if am honest am praying for twins lol xx

  • I know, I think twins just sounds dreamy when you're in our position! But after this long journey I'm sure you'll be happy whether there's one heartbeat or two. I just looked at it that a multiple pregnancy is so much more risky than a single, and when it's been such a long road I'm all for minimal risk! Let us know how you get on. I think you'll be fine by the sound of it, hoping you get to see your heartbeat(s)! Try to occupy your mind for the next few days lol! X

  • Thank u so much babez xx

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