Hello ladies! My name is Julia, I am 37 years old. For a descent amount of time I used to live with my boyfriend and four years ago we finally decided to get married. As we went on our honeymoon we started trying to conceive. We wanted to have a baby from the start of our family, not that we didn’t try when fiancées but as we made our relationship official it was a question of time when we become parents. It’s now 4 years already as we started our journey. And at the beginning we were too careless and didn’t pay too much attention to our failed attempts. As one year went down I started thinking that something maybe wrong as I was not pregnant still. We went to a clinic and I was diagnosed with pcos. I started taking the medications and as no success was seen, I went through a surgery as I was told that I will definitely be able to get pregnant after the treatment. And now I am still here where we started, only with less amount of health and worth psychic condition, because I took everything badly..

After all the tests I’ve done, dr came to the conclusion that for me there are lots of risks when it comes to carrying a baby … Before that we considered going for an IVF treatment but due to so many risks we were advised to stick with a surrogacy option. And now we are seeking for one. We live in New York and for reasons are trying to find some suitable options abroad. If some of you can share with me your advices, it’d be awesome!

I feel tired and devastated but I try to not to lose hope. As I’m sitting at my office writing this post and surfing the internet looking for an exit.

Thank you for reading this! Xx

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  • Hello! I'm so sorry!

    But.. I thought women with pcos can get an ivf treatment, there are also a special treatment to minimize hyperstimulation risks. Why don't you go with IVF DE? I'm sorry if I understood something wrong.


  • Hi! Don't be sorry. I have diabetes on top of the enlarged internal organs. As lots of women who have pcos we have greater risks of diabetes development. And I definitely cannot carry a baby. As you can understand. For now I'm in position where every single advice is welcomed. So if you have something to say, please share with me! I'd be really glad.

  • Oh, you've been through a lot. Sorry to read that.

    I had to use ivf option, as it was hard for me to conceive. And I've been through some m/c on the fertility journey. It was due to weak cervix, but after getting the cervix sewed I've got a chance to carry and deliver a baby. After I recovered after all of those (it had a huge impact on my psychic and physic states), we've been able to look for clinics abroad. As you do now, we were asking people questions and found the clinic we used.


  • I am really sorry to hear about you m c. It must be a painful memory for you so let us concentrate on what we have now! How's your baby? What's his/her name? Or maybe you're expecting one right now! Tell me more. Have you used a de or did it with your own?

    Have you found it quickly? And how did you form you trust to the clinic, that bothers me at the moment as it is a foreign clinic and there is a high chance that the clinic will be in a country we've never been to. How to deal with the stress like that?


  • I am sorry for not responding for so long! My son is doing great, his name is Mark and he's 1 yo and I can't get enough of him and I wish I will be that happy for the rest of my life. We've used de, because my egg quality is low and I could not conceive naturally all the time. So we had to stick with ivf de.

    We have found our clinic after a month of searching, we also were talking to different clinics managers to get as much information as possible and the girl who works in bio tex was the best on terms of how quickly she replied and her answers were all 100% understandable and we could form a better view on our situation thanks to her. it is stressful yes, but you have to find strength to deal with it and after you say to yourself I can do it you'll be able to overcome anything.

  • I'm glad to hear that your family is doing great! That's awesome that you've had the possibility to become a mother in your life. Wow, you've spent a months on your search? That's a lot, no? And what the criteria made you choose this clinic in particular?

    I worry that I'll have to wait for a long time for my surrogate mom and for a donor.. We have to start right now and sign with the clinic to have time to wait in the line...

  • I personally think that you have to put a lot of the effort to find the perfect clinic, I have spent a lot of time on my search but now am perfectly satisfied with the result. I couldn't believe that such great clinic exists. Also I went to Ukraine to look at 3-4 clinics in real life and some of them were nothing like their descriptions. The atmosphere was bad, there weren’t lots of people, I thought that no one was there at all. But in my clinic I felt the difference, I think that's because of the prices, but I've spoken to at least 4 couples and we were sharing our great experiences over there in bio tex.

    And thank god I was able to deliver my baby Mark and create our happy family.

  • Lately I have been hearing lots of good things about Ukraine! What is the clinic you were getting your tx in???

    I can agree with you that you have to do some search before even contacting the clinic by e mail. Because it's the place where they do humans and where you r child will be conceived! It's a serious matter.

    Mark is such a great name for your son! What’s his favorite activity? Haha, He’s very little but it’d be interesting to see if he is interested in smth already! :)

  • It was bio tex com. I do not know how we got that lucky to find that clinic through all of those names in the lists of European reproduction centers. I am seriously at the point of starting to believe in miracles. Haha. Jokes aside it is really nice clinic although not everything was great, but for the treatment and their control of the pregnancy till the contract is fulfilled. They do their work properly over there. I thought that recommendations of the clinics are considered bad and have never ever thought of even trying and searching the clinic women were talking about but for some reason we my dh and I have decided to try and look at the bio tex website.

    Haha our little sunshine is always smiling at us he continues to grow and we are waiting for his first word!!!

  • Oh, so you too went to the bio tex! Wow. The world is really small!

    Yeah, I too even after posting this topic asking for advice in the clinic or etc I too do not fully believe all those advices here on the internet. But for me there is only one thing I can trust - my experience. It won't become worse if I just contact the clinic I was recommended to and talk to the drs or managers over there. Even coming to Ukraine for just looking at the clinics exterior is not that big deal to me. The most important thing to do is to sign with the one that is the most suitable and that is affordable also.

    Nice to hear about your bby! kisses and hugs for him:)

  • Affordable - yes, that's why we even decided on looking for the clinic abroad. Bio tex has come out as the best option. We pay stable amount of money and get high quality treatment. What else do you need? Yes, you have to check the clinic by yourself as on the internet they can advise you anything, for example I was recommended going to Russia to this one clinic where they give you the access to donor database even before you have signed the contract. How is that possible? I think that the clinic should only allow the clients to see the database because I could be anyone and I was able to receive the access by just talking to a staff. That is what I call a scum. You do not work like this, or in Czech you have to pay for every single medicine they give you, you are not sure that you'll be paying what you were told. I can go on and on.

    It's hard to find the decent clinic over there..

  • Oh, so you are implying that in bio tex you just pay one sum for every single procedure you'll be getting, is that so?? But apart from the clinic was it hard for you to find where to live in Ukraine, you don't know the language, I suppose..

    Yes, I think that's horrible - getting all of the information about donor that easy.. It should be confidential and the access has to be only given to that couples who have signed the contract and paid for the procedures..

  • Yes, they of course have some sort of additional payments that are stated in the contract too but they are performed in case of unforeseen situation, for example you do not have to pay nothing more if you signed vip contract but for twins you ll be paying in the economy one + 5000 I think euros.. I do not remember exactly but something in this area.

    Actually, we didn't have to find the hotel and we experienced no problems with communication. All of the accommodation, driver, and interpreter are included in the contract, so you are paying for that too!

    In bio tex you get the access to donor data base after the 1 installment. So I trust them on this.

  • How to know if you are not going to pay more than stated, I mean as you say that there the additional payments, and what if I don't want to have twins, then what?? I still have to pay for them?

    Great that we do not have to think where to stay. How was it, was there everything okay? It's Ukraine after all..

    So I can count on some level of confidentiality?

  • You can tell the drs that you do not want to have twins, you are not going to pay more that you will discuss. That'd be a scum, wouldn't it? I mean, how is it possible to the clinic with that amount of decent reviews to do that to its clients. I actually have this website in my bookmarks where bio tex has the best ratings and reviews. Check it out.

    I hope it goes with the rules of the forum..

    Yes, of course, when you are talking about the contract, signing it and paying the installments you are always behind the closed doors. And for the donors and surrogate mothers it's the same.

  • Thanks for sharing the link! Now I see that the clinic has really high ratings. That's relieving. That's how it has to be, no one should see your money except both parties. I mean, signing the contract is one thing but paying with your own money - another. And I am glad that they are stating the actual sum in the contract and I think that having this stated makes the clinic like good and trustable can I say that?? haha

  • Yes, it is definitely a good clinic and I felt secure there when I was getting my tx. Though there were a lot of people I still had that feeling that we are here safe with the girl that was accompanying us. I was nervous that the truth but not as much as before 1 appt in Kiev.

  • There were lots of couples? I didn't think this clinic is popular at all...

    I wonder if they provide professional treatment with lots of clients. I suppose the clinic is really big?

  • No, it’s not that big as you can imagine and sometimes we had to wait in line for my dh sperm pick-up for example. We waited for a Chinese couple to get there first, our manager called us when Patrick could go to the room and I was left with hot tea and cookies while waiting for him to finish. They also give you so many hygienic things – the cover for your sit, the cleaning lady checked the room and cleaned it right before my dh went in. That was nice and the lines are the only bad thing that we have experienced over there.

    But it’s really popular, we have noticed lots of couples from all over the world coming there on the taxis or other cars like we did. Also it was nice to know that the clinic actually provides such good services that there are people who came back there for the second or third tx. I was surprised when I found out that my good friend had her tx in bio tex for the 2 time. We met in bio tex and have been writing each other since then.

  • HI, sorry to ride on your post but can you tell me if this clinic, biotex or whatever provides ivf tx with the frozen sperm? I have two vials of my boyfriend’s sperm and want to get pregnant using them. Do you know if I could go to your clinic and get it done over there? Thanks.

  • Hi. Sure you can get ivf tx done over there, and yes, they provide ivf with frozen sperm as it can be stored for years and won’t lose its quality. But wouldn’t it be better to bring your boyfriend and to collect his fresh samples just to make sure that his sperm is the best quality..

  • Uhm, no. He had vasectomy done years ago and he made 5 sperm samples just in case we want to have kids. And now it is time I think, so I wanted to find the clinic and you are talking about this biotex one and it made me curious if I could fly there with my bf’s samples and get into the tx. I suppose that he doesn’t have to attend anything at the clinic. Or does he?

  • I think that it is necessary to provide the clinic with recent analysis that prove that he was and is completely healthy and you can come to the clinic with his cryo sperm and you will be accepted into the treatment.

  • I am sorry but what analysis you are talking about? What does he have to do so his sperm will be taken as my donor’s sperm in this clinic?

  • He has to call the center where he is storing his sperm they should have his serology test results at the moment when they collected his sperm. And he should provide the clinic with his karyotype test, if he doesn’t have it, he can make it whenever he wants because those test is limitless unlike serology one.

  • But this serology one what does it show? I mean what if he doesn’t have it?

  • I am sure he did do it at the time because it is vital when ivf procedures are performed. So the center had to demand your bf to do it. Do not worry, just call the clinic and they will tell you everything you need to know. And you can come to Ukraine for this treatment. Do you need to use inly his sperm or are you opting also for de?

  • De? What’s that?

  • Donor’s egg. I was asking are you using your own or donor’s eggs, because if it’s on your own than I do not think that it will be worth it to travel all the way to Ukraine. By the way where are you from?

  • Aw, so if I am planning to use my own eggs, that means that I won’t be accepted into the treatment? I am from Germany.

  • No, you will be accepted but why not to use the tx in your country especially when your country is known for the best quality medicine?? And it will take a lot of your time to travel here and there, if you had to use de it’d be reasonable but when it comes to ivf oe I would recommend you to stick with Germany this time.

  • Ah! Thank you! But if I want to go all the way to Ukraine for the treatment, I will be able to use my bf’s cryo sperm for the tx? I just will need to get the test analysis that prove that his sperm is good?

  • Yes, you got me right, hun. Good luck with your treatment, hope everything works out for you!


  • Ps. Ukraine is great but mostly for those who do not have another choice in their countries or do want to get the tx with the lower price, but I personally do not think that it will be worth it to travel all the way over there for the tx you can quickly get done near you. Just think about it.

  • I had surrogacy in Ukraine last year. I was born without an uterus. So surrogacy was our only option to have children. We couldn't afford to have this procedure in US or Greece prices there are too high for us. Unfortunately our family faced scammer. Three years ago my dh and I decided to find sm by ourselves. We thought the procedure will be cheaper in this way. We met with her and discussed everything. She seemed so kind and lovely person. After our first payment she was gone. She didn't answer our phone calls or mails. It was so hard to get back to search of another place to go. I was seeing deception and a dirty tricks everywhere. After our experience we decided not to contact agencies and especially search sm by ourselves. We were looking for reliable clinic with professional doctors and high rate of successful treatments. As India was closed, we were choosing between Russia and Ukraine. Ultimately we chose Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom. Reviews were mostly positive and this clinic has high success rates. Though we had some doubts about their medicine, we decided to go there and check everything. Our concerns faded away when we talk to our doctor and program coordinator. We saw fashionable design of the clinic and modern equipment. And the most important we saw so many couples there! People all over the world came to this clinic for surrogacy and de ivf programs. I absolutely disagree that surrogate mothers here are not checked properly. In our clinic there were some requirements for women, who want to become surrogates. The surrogate mother must have at least one healthy child. She must be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Also she must be checked for genetic diseases. Also the blood group is very important. The surrogate mother has to be under 35 years. Our doctor chose sm for us. She underwent a lot of medical tests before the program. Moreover the pregnancy of our sm was controlled at least once a month. Our daughter Kristine was born in May last year. We celebrated her first birthday 2 weeks ago. We paid 49 900 euros for everything. Services were on high level and the procedure was smooth. We have no regrets.

  • Ohhoney! You shouldn’t do it, looking for sm on your own, I mean! I am so sorry such thing happened to you I just hope there won’t be more victims of such an awful thing. How can someone do that to a woman who wants to become a mother? It’s horrible. I hope you’re ok now!

    I am happy for you, that after all you have found the perfect clinic and were able to become parents! That’s such an amazing thing! I have also heard lots of good things about biotex clinic and I am glad that after that scam experience you were able to regain peace and happiness in your life. Because you deserve this as much as every single woman desperate to conceive. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us!

    But you didn’t choose your surrogate mom by yourselves? Why?

  • Thank you dear! I'm glad that my experience may be helpful. We didn't choose sm, that's right. The thing is her appearance is not important. The most important is her health and her ability to carry a baby. That's why our doctor chose sm for us, basing on our and sm's analysis. We are 100% satisfied with this clinic and with the result) I hope you'll find right place for you! I wish you all the best!

  • Thank you, honey! It's so refreshing to meet such a beautiful person like you! Thanks for wishing me well, I wish you the best too. You are right, it indeed does not matter, though it kind of produces all of those fears like what if my sm is not that decent what if she is not suitable and everything like that. Although this is the clinics work to find us the one who will be the best match in terms of health and spirit (but i think they do not look for someone who is rich spiritually).

    anyways this is not the point of our convo, so good luck to you hun!

  • I am so sorry you went through this! It's so dangerous to contact the surrogate mothers by yourself. Me too, I hope that this will be the lesson not only for us but for those women who even consider to do such thing. It's better to contact the clinic!

  • Recently I have heard from one of the woman who is on the tx rn about her experience with the surrogate mother alone. And she said that of course there are successful cases but a lot of couples indeed get scammed and even have to pay like 20k to a surrogate mother not talking about the meds and other expenses. I do not know the mechanism behind all of this, but she said that she almost fell in one of the traps and now she wants only to have the surro tx in the clinic even if she doesn't have the chance to choose the surro.

  • Hi, honey, good luck! I totally understand what you feel. I am seeking for a surrogate option too and praying to find a good reproduction center in the world as in USA it's too expensive. I hope that we'll both succeed with our desires. Even if we have lost our battle of naturally conceiving. Although I felt devastated too for now on I will be fighting to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother.


  • Hi! Good luck to both of us! :)

    Have you found the most preferable clinic already? As you can see I was advised many times already the clinics abroad. I'm looking for Ukrainian clinics, I think they are the best in terms of reviews. I see everywhere positive words of the clients. And I do not know what to do, if it's even worth to check others clinics in the world especially when in Ukraine it's so cheap??

    You should not give up ever! We won’t stop until we’re there with our dream sleeping in our hands!

  • Your words made my day! Thanks for cheering me up! I wish you the best too!

    Yeah, kind of, but I am not completely sure whether it is the right decision or not.. I know that there are cheap clinics especially in Ukraine and I was advised one of them but their cheap price is what actually makes me suspicious if I can say that. I do not know when in US you'll pay hundreds thousands of dollars you will be 100% sure that it'll be a successful treatment.

  • Hm, I can understand your worries, but you have to understand to that even in USA by paying that huge amount of money you cannot be sure that you will be successful. Although it is not 100% stable (the result) in the world, but in that clinic I was talking about you can sign the contract of unlimited attempts and the clinic will eventually provide you with the baby even if you'll experience a failure. Even though their prices are much much much more cheaper. You conclude the contract and you'll know that you will get what you want in the end.

    Also didn't you say that you actually want to find a cheap center abroad?


  • Yes, it'd be awesome to find a cheap option but doesn't it mean that the clinic will charge you for the medicine and your stay in Ukraine? I haven't studied the contract yet but doesn't it work like that? I've heard of the czech clinics where the client pays additional sum for every treatment he gets

  • I think that you won’t pay more than the price of the contract I am not yet in depth of it but I'll come with it later. That's what I think from reading on their site about the contracts - the bio tex states that we have to pay only the sum stated in the contract and in case of additional payment if it's in the contract we are going to be charged of it, if it's not - then it's theirs problem..

  • Are you going to contact the clinic or what? Because I am planning this too, but I do not know about that for sure... Aso the clients can always manage the appt over there when we want? Is that possible??

  • Yes we are going to do so but for the moment I'd wanted to focus more on the details others can give me to be sure that I am not doing it wrongly..

    I do not know, I think so..

  • Actually yes, you can manage an appt whenever you want but I have heard about their annual disinfection, so keep it in mind before planning the trip to Ukraine!

  • So I can just call the clinic and say the preferable date or what??

  • Basically you call the clinic or write there and you manage the first appt together.

  • my surrogate mother is already pregnant! It has been a month since they have matched her, we are yet to meet her, but in 2 months it will be possible! I have to thank you all for advising me to this clinic, it is an incredible place, i just hope she receives a lot of support and our baby is happy in her belly.

  • you know, our first meeting with the clinic manager was appointed only in a week after we contacted them first. It was a pleasant surprise because i used to think it takes much time for them to make an appointment. however, when we came to the clinic, it wasn't fast at all. there were so many people waiting like we, others came to meet their surros, others were already with babies. it was such a mass here. we waited almost till the evening to meet our doctor. however, they quickly took our blood tests. that was ok. and as to the doctor, we were waiting for ages. there wasn't even a place to have a sit. we were sitting there: hungry and exhausted. the doctor was very nice, though. obviously, it was worth waiting.

    we got bfp from the very first try!

  • Wow, that’s amazing that you have managed to conceive form the first try! Wonderful. But your stories about how many people there were and everything.. I haven’t met a lot of couples over there when I was on my first appt. I mean there were couples actually but we did not wait for too long and when we started feeling hungry we said that to our manager and she brought us little snacks form the under floor. That was my first trip to the clinic and I am really surprised by the clinic itself because even when looking at the instagram photos of it.. it didn’t look like that at all, it looks better in reality, much more calmer than I thought and seeing surros with bellies made me tear up a bit.

  • Your clinic has its personal instagram account? What? Can you share the link with us please?

    And how many of the pregnant women did you see? It must’ve been really great to meet someone who helps the women all over the world to get the baby.. I wish I had the possibility to conceive naturally and to have that healthy body as the surrogates have. You did not seem to experience the lines, I see, why?

    And you say that the clinic has snacks and you can eat while waiting? Than I do not get the complaints..

  • Yes it has. You can find it under the name biotexcom point clinic. there are actually updates almost every week and you can see people who work over there too. sometimes they will show you the photos of the women getting their analysis done it looks more staged of course but it gives you the image of the kind of the treatment they provide.

    a lot actually there was not a time when we could not find someone pregnant. there is also this waiting room where you can get yourself a tea or a cup of coffee. things like that.

    i totally get you on this hun!

  • Hi ladies! It's very informative thread I should say. I'm thinking about surrogacy, but I have so much doubts and worries. I was born without an uterus. There are two options for me, surrogacy and adoption. I want to try to look for surrogate mother by myself. I’ve seen many girls on forums propose to carry a baby for infertile couples. The thing is I have no idea how to start all this process. We are from Finland. Surrogacy here is forbidden by law. It means we have to go abroad. Here are many posts about Ukraine. I know nothing about this country and its medical abilities in the field of reproductive medicine. Is it good variant to go? Can someone tell more about Ukrainian clinics, surrogate mothers? Do they check women before the procedures? I've been always thinking that only poor women become surrogate mothers because of despair... What about their genetics? What if surrogate mother refuses to give us baby? I'm worrying about it most of all. What about price? I know that USA is very expensive. Does Ukraine have same prices? I'm so sorry for such amount of questions. I'm new to all these and information in the internet makes me even more confused. I hope you'll give me some answers and advices! Wish all of you good luck)

  • Hi sandra788! My situation is almost the same. I was born without an uterus and surrogacy was the perfect chance for me and my dh to become parents. This is really hard to find good agency or clinic. There are so many scammers, who want to become rich, using poor people like us. There are even women, who pretend they want to be surrogates and then they get money and dissapear. Unfortunately our family faced such woman. Three years ago my dh and I decided to find sm by ourselves. We thought the procedure will be cheaper in this way. We met with her and discussed everything. She seemed so kind and lovely person. After our first payment she was gone. She didn't answer our phone calls or mails. It was so hard to get back to search of another place to go. I was seeing deception and a dirty tricks everywhere. So I advise you not to look for sm in the internet or in any other way! It's better to contact clinics directly. We chose Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom. Reviews were mostly positive and this clinic has high success rates. Though we had some doubts about their medicine, we decided to go there and check everything. Our concerns faded away when we talk to our doctor and program coordinator. We saw so many couples there! People all over the world come to this clinic for surrogacy and de ivf programs. We have no regrets! We are so lucky we went straight to this clinic. Our daughter Kristine was born in May last year.

    Surrogate mothers here are checked properly. In our clinic there were some requirements for women, who want to become surrogates. SM must have at least one healthy child. She must be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Also she must be checked for genetic diseases. Also the blood group is very important. The surrogate mother has to be under 35 years. Our doctor chose sm for us. She underwent a lot of medical tests before the program. Moreover the pregnancy of our sm was controlled at least once a month. Her genetics is not actually important here. It will be your material and she will just carry your baby. There is a law in Ukrainian legislation, which controls surrogacy. Baby will be yours and only yours. SM won't leave child, so don't worry.

  • Speaking about price the clinic has packages. You can choose the one which suits you the most. We chose vip for 49 900 euros. I remember there were also packages for 30 000 euros and 40 000 euros. We didn't pay some extra charges and we were never asked to pay some other fees. So the only amount we spent was that sum set in our contract. Also the sum was divided into 5 rates, so we didn't pay all money right away.

  • I know that in Ukraine they do indeed check the surro mother before the treatment and they, the drs, are choosing her. It is not up to you by any means to look for the surrogate. it has its own pros and cons. Because it's hard to search for sm on your own and it may seem unsafe to give the right to look for hr to the clinic. In Ukraine it is cheaper than anywhere else and if you want to have your baby quickly - it is one of the best options. The clinic I am using also checks them every months in order to see if the baby is doing okay and also if the sm didn't violate the contract. I didn't look deeper into the sm thing in biotex, that's all that I know. If you are interested in more info I can answer your questions. I know a woman who decided to find the surro on her own and she also lives in US, she says that she didn't find the surro yet, though she began her search 5 months ago..

  • Don't take me wrong, but it seems that all people on this forum are clients of Biotexcom. Maybe it's just some kind of advt? I'm sorry if I'm wrong... You all are so positive about this clinic. It seemed like you've never been there and haven't seen all that horror. My wife and I came back from Ukraine just a couple of weeks ago. After reading some reviews and talking to manager of Biotexcom by mail we went there with positive mood and full of hope. We thought that clinic with such high rates of success will definitely help us to become parents. How wrong we were! After what we've seen there no desire left to conclude contracts with such irresponsible place. There was literally no work organization! Dozens of people from all over the world, most of them were standing in long lines because there were simply nowhere to seat! All doctors had a lot of work to do. All employees were busy and in a hurry. They should think more about their clients! Why to take such amount of people if you're not able to serve all of them in normal conditions! I'm absolutely disappointed. I'm not ready to torture myself and my wife and each visit to Biotexcom stay in lines for hours and wait when doctors will have time for us. How can people bear such attitude? I hope we'll find calm and organized clinic, where clients are valued.

  • I have been advised it and it didn't take me too long to understand that the clinic lived up to all of my expectations. I have been there for our first appt and everything was okay: our room, our driver, our manager (this girl was answering all of our questions, and we also made a selfie with her she was that nice of a person), the appt itself was done quickly and my dh did his sperm donation. I was totally satisfied with everything so I do not understand when you say that the comments about this clinic are all a part of the advertisement. I mean, you write like it is bad when people are busy and in hurry when it comes to the fertility clinic. they too have a lot of work and if there are a lot of people on tx that means(at least for me) that the clinic is good and provides quality treatment. If you don't like the clinic basing only on its popularity, it doesn't seem right.

  • So you're telling that the only thing which was disappointing was amount of people? Yes, the clinic is full and lines are long. I agree, the clinic should hire more staff. But all this is not so important! My husband and I were in Ukraine in July. Our manager told us that there are always many clients in the clinic, especially on summer. That's why they are planning to open a couple more clinics so it would be easier both for patients and for doctors. I think that lines are not the big deal. It's ok to wait a couple of hours for me. The most important is result, the positive result. We saw many couples, who came for ultrasounds and deliveries. Isn't this a confirmation that this clinic and doctors are working and know their job very well! We come to clinics not to check their service and lines, but to receive help and proper treatment. So if it really works than who cares how long are those lines? This clinic helps so many infertile couples to become parents. I read here reviews of many men and women, who became parents thanks to biotexcom. I chose this clinic because of experience they shared. They are happy parents now and I hope this clinic will help us too. You were absolutely right naming all those factors which made you to choose Ukraine. I think you should throw your principles and pride away and give this clinic a try if you want to have a child that much. I'm pretty sure you won't find better variants, for same price, with same services.

  • true, I agree with you on it, I am really satisfied with how their managers work, I have been talking to my new program coordinator, she is sending me all of the us pictures of the surrogate mother, I don’t think that I have made an update earlier, but the surrogate mother was matched and have already gotten pregnant and we have been receiving updating e mails on her condition since then. i am really eager to see how she looks like, our surrogate mother, my coordinator said that she can’t send me a photo of her, which made me really sad but they have strict rules though, which is fine I guess..

    now, we are waiting for our 12 week!!

  • It's so nice to read successful stories! Thank you girls for telling us about your surrogacy journeys! I also want to share mine) I had uterine cancer. I underwent surgery and all reproductive organs were removed. It was a big shock for me and I almost gave up. My husband wanted a son so much and I knew I couldn't fulfill his wish. I began to look for solutions, clinics, doctors. I wanted to do everything to save my marriage and my will to live. After a long search, conversations with friends, reading of articles and reviews, we decided to focus on surrogacy. In our country it’s legal, but very expensive and we couldn't afford it. So we began to look for clinics in other countries. We wanted to find the best doctors and, at the same time, affordable price. It turned out that this procedure is legal in Ukraine. We chose biotexcom clinic too! Now we have a wonderful healthy boy. My husband and I are very happy and grateful. We really should create a fanclub here) Because this clinic gave so many people chance to have wonderful kids! I wish you all the best with your surrogacy procedures, girls!

  • I am so sorry to hear about your surgery... And I am really glad that you have managed to have kids even though you have been through such an awful thing... I understand what you have felt when you had been advised to hysterectomy, i was furious when it became clear that i need to go through egg donor surrogacy program in order to have kids. but you know we were lucky that my dh had his sperm really good quality. some of us deal with not only female factor infertility but also with male one..

    biotexcom haven't disappointed me yet, and I hope that everything will be great in the future too!

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