EC Result & transfer date :)

So I went in for egg collection on Monday and of all the days our tyre could burst it chose to be punctured on the motorway on the way to the hospital. With the heavy rain and AA coming to our rescue, adrenaline rushing we got there almost late and 3 eggs were collected.

The all important phone call this morning says of the 3, only 1 fertilised,I am still quite thankful.

My only concern is that the embryologist says transfer is tomorrow and I asked her why not let's take it to blastocyst stage and she said it looks good and no need (I'm not sure if I believe that as I only think they are trying to free up space in their lab). Anyone had 2 days transfer? Do I have a say in when it gets transferred or is it one of those decisions they make for you?

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  • If there is a low number they will put it back earlier rather than risk losing it completely the best place for embryos is back inside you. Good luck xx

  • lhow, oh ok, I understand now, thanks for your comment xx

  • Hi Me - I had a 2 day transfer :) I think if you have lots of embies they will try to take them to blasto but it's a big risk if there's only one or two because it's better off back where it should be than sat outside. What a drama getting there! I'm so glad to hear that you have one :) Let us know how you get on with transfer x x x

  • Oh mommabear I had no idea, I must have misread comments on here about 5days, thanks. Yes it was almost traumatic, nurses and doctors were all kind and asking how I managed to stay calm :) they said they would have sent the police/ambulance if I couldn't get there on my own. Oh and how are you getting on? I bet you are past your OTD now? How many did you transfer though?

  • Oh the ambulance and police sounds like it would have been fun! Like an episode of Eastenders! haha We had two put back but the quality of them both wasn't great. We have no idea if there's one or two yet. My OTD was the 13th - I'm now 5w 4d and have my scan booked for the 4th July... I'm a nervous wreck! haha x x x

  • Hahaha, yeah it would have been fun:) don't worry (and I know that's almost impossible) both embies will be fine, I wish you the best at your scan xxx

  • Thank you - good luck for tomorrow! Rest up after and try to enjoy being PUPO! :) x x x

  • On my first cycle I had one egg and had a 2 day transfer, they don't risk losing it if there are low numbers and say the best place for it is back inside you. Good Luck xxx

  • Hi me08. OMG! What a thing to happen on one of the most important days of your life! However, fortunately you got there in time.. I don't know what has been decided, but sometimes it can be better to put a single embryo back inside you, where it belongs, and hopefully it will continue to grow well. Obviously, I do wish you well with whatever you decide. Diane

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