EC on Monday!!! :)

Hi Ladies,

I know I promised to update on how my eggs were performing as I was told my treatment will be cancelled (that was my last post on here).

Good news is my eggs picked up...yaaay! but still the fewest eggs ever 2 mature ones and several other small ones. I know with this result and the nurses always having that pity look on their faces and telling their woe tales the world expects me to be down but I actually feel very positive.

Anyone had similar experience, got a BFP and a baby? xxx

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  • Fab news :) stay positive x

  • Hiya! Just to clarify (in case I'm reading things wrong) but do you mean your follicle sizes? When I went in two days before my EC I only had 2 mature follicles, 2 days later I had 8! So if EC is Monday you may still have one or two more! Stay positive! Plus there can be more than one egg in each follicle so here's hoping you get more than 2 BUT I only had 2 mature eggs and I got my BFP so there's every chance you'll get yours!!! Lots of luck for Monday x x x

  • I mean follicle not egg :) too excited now I am mixing my words up

  • Hi me08. That's easily done! Hope all goes/went well with the egg collection. Thinking of you. Diane

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