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Progesterone - what level should it be?


Hello ,

I am TTC and just wondered what progesterone level should be in early pregnancy . Mine was 50 when I spotting in my last pregnancy . Could this been the cause of my 7 week miscarriage few weeks back....?

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Hi Orangepie - how terrible for you I'm so sorry to hear you went through that.

I don't know anything that can be of use to you- all I know is after my embryo tranfer I am on progesterone cream internally once a day. I believe I have been having chemical pregnancies over the years and the lining of my womb was not good enough. I stopped pregnancy testing about 2 years ago as it just got depressing! I think this cream is doing the job for me.

I hope you get some answers soon.

Much love and blessings to you.


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Did you have testing done to see what was causing these chemical pregnancies? Do you know what your lining measured?

My little blog post on this lining issue:


Hi Orangepie. Progesterone levels range from around 7-49 during the first 12/40wks of pregnancy. Your reading of 50 sounds sufficient to me, as you would probably have been using progesterone pessaries/gel too which would top it up a bit higher?? I seem to remember that you had an issue with your thyroxin levels?? Apologies if I have this wrong, but if so, you must make sure you get regular checks to ensure the correct level of thyroxin is prescribed for you - if indeed it was. Having a miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy is just dreadful, but sadly we can't always find a reason for it happening. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks for this message! My levels were at 50 without taking any supplements but I was still spotting. So decided to take progesterone , aspirin and thyroxine - correct dose now I hope . I really hope this does this trick now...

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Hi Orangepie. Thanks for that update. Let's hope you have the correct cocktail now! Diane

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