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Only another 2 days until my scan now - Weight gain fears

The time is still dragging on. That said, I did do another pregnancy test this morning as a double check. Was relieved to see a very deep pink line even though I've been drinking loads of water so a good sign for Thursday's scan.

Am dreading getting on the scales this week. I can already feel I'm putting on a LOT of weight. Am trying really hard to eat healthy, whole foods, but I am SO HUNGRY all the time and nothing seems to fill me up! I am also too tired and light headed to go on the long walks I'm used to.

Any suggestions for keeping your weight stable at this time? I know it sounds awful to wish morning sickness upon myself but honestly, I would prefer to be sick all the time than put on an unhealthy amount of weight in pregnancy :( I was already overweight before IVF so just need to make sure I try to keep my weight sorta stable over the first trimester. Am also going to ask at the fertility clinic when I have my scan on Thursday.

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I had a hollow leg my first trimester! Starving! I put on a lot the first 12 weeks, but by week 14 the hunger subsided and I hardly put anything on during the 2nd trimester. I put on 22lbs in total. So it ended up okay!

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I was the same as filmgirl, I ate all round me in first trimester and then it calmed down. Used to wake up in middle of night needing food as well! Don't worry about weight gain, unless you are severely over or under weight they won't care. The only thing is, if your BMI is high, you may have to do the gestational diabetes test. They didn't check my BMI until I must have been 16 weeks and had gained a lot of weight so I had to take the test later in pregnancy.

I stopped weighing myself, I was a little overweight at the start and now I must have put on more than 3 stone! It sounds like a lot but a lot of it will be blood volume and fluid. My consultant wasn't concerned at all. Pregnancy isn't the time to be weighing yourself and everyone gains different weights! It can be hard to accept the body changes but don't stress about weight gain, it can be lost again. Try eating more proteins to fill you up.


I felt the same Emblazes! Not going to the gym during this time (as advised by my clinic) is really tough. And I also felt super hungry - but been trying to drink more water and fill up on apples and things instead of chocolate, lol! But I am also a little over weight after all these IVF cycles...I laughed when I saw how you did a test again to re-assure yourself as I had done the exact same thing! Good luck with the scan anyway. I'm tracking my steps with Pacer app each day and trying at least to make it to 6000 steps that way I can at least reassure myself I've got some calories burnt!

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Hi Em I have the same concerns! I'm finding that I can't eat much without feeling very full but then within an hour I'm hungry again... this doesn't bode well long term!! haha I'm just snacking on fruit, nuts and seeds with plenty of water to keep everything flushed through. Don't forget the progesterone makes us bigger, I look like I've gained 5lbs (my stomach is HUGE) but I've not even put an lb on. If you're making sensible food choices you have nothing to worry about :) Just pray that you don't get cravings for chocolate and ice cream!! haha As for morning sickness, from the experiences of some of my friends, you may well regret what you wish for!! ;) x x x

p.s I'm going to do another test at the weekend because I want to make sure all is ok too - the things we do to torture ourselves!!! x


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