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Ovulation testng confusion!!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies. I have a question about OPK's. I try to test for my ovulation with FMU every day but I cameto the conclusion that my FMU ovulation test are not very accurate as the lines I get are to faint. If I test around lunch time or in the afternoon after a 4hour hold my lines are a lot stronger! Is this normal ???? Our urine is supposd to be more concentrated in the morning but for some reason my opks are very weak in the morning comparing to the rest of the day! Does this hppen to ny of you? If you know why does this happen or even if this is normal please let me know ! Thank you

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Hi I never used morning urine always midday because it's a surge that's easy to miss. If could happen anytime of the day, if I got a negative at lunch I would try again tea time/early evening. In the end I gave up on the internet cheapies as I never once got a positive and bought the dual hormone clearblue monitor. Pricey but more accurate. We still didn't get pregnant for two years using that. It was only when we gave away everything baby related and ttc and admitted defeat that by some miracle we got pregnant using nothing. Sometimes I think the pressure you put yourself under may hinder the outcome. I got to know my body really well and knew what OV pains were (eventually) and that was more reliable for me and checking CM than using the OPKS

Good luck xxx


Ours said not to use your first wee as it gives false results. I always test around 2 and 7. Very dark positive on day 13...


Mine seems to be strongest when I test after work so early eve- does seem to vary!


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