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Short follicular phase. Treatment if any?

Hi ladies and gents 😃

This is the second month I've ovulated early in my cycle. Last month it was day 8 this month I brought some ovulation sticks from clearblue (dual ones) I didn't see any estrogen rise but only a LH surge today on day 9 of my cycle. I wanted to see what was happening with my cycles (many issues led to seeing a general Gynae who recommended to my GP a referral to a fertility specialist). My appointment isn't until August 25th. Im seeing the leading consultant (as he insisted on seeing me no one else).

I've googled it (I know why do we do these things 😳) I read ovulating early in a cycle can prevent conceiving. As the follicles don't have a enough time to develop and the egg isn't fully mature. So chances the egg won't be able to fertilise. Even if did the uterus lining won't be built up enough to support an embryo.

After years and years of "unexplained" infertility I wonder if I have finally understand why I've been unable to conceive in the almost 5 years we have been trying.

Has anyone had this? And can something be done to resolve this issue? Like clomid or something? My luteal phase is ok I think not short.I also have really heavy periods and bleed and cramp between cycles to the point where I'm anaemic and GP prescribes ferrous sulphate and regular blood tests.

Good luck to all those on this difficult Journey love to you all 💞 and hope your dreams come true x lots of baby dust x x x

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Hey Jess I'm not a expert but if u got both tube and not diferent fertility issue par from your early ovulation that the egg is not mature enough to be fertiliser then look like best option is to ask your doc for clomid . Good look Hun 😃

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Thanks Olivia1980 my tubes are clear I'm lucky so I can try something less invasive first 😃 sorry for the late reply really appreciate your advice 👌 hope all is going well with you 😘


I imagine your consultant will order blood tests for ovulation etc as part of their investigations. It's probably worth taking your period dates and any home tests you've done with you. It may be that they try you on Clomid if ovulation is the issue. It's good you're seeing the lead consultant after your previous gynae didn't seem that great.

I know it seems like a long way off bu August will soon come round.

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