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Hello ladies, I was just wondering of all the women who've had BFP what did you do on day of transfer and few days after? I keep reading mixed reviews of bedrest being good and then being bad! Would love to know what you all did! Thanks 😊🌈

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  • Hi baby2016, I am thinking that total bedrest may be bad in case you develop clots so unless you're on blood thinners maybe not the best thing to do. Having said that, I just took it easy on the sofa watching box sets and knitting but I am on blood thinners. So maybe rest in the house but not strict bed rest. I think I took the odd walk as well. They say you can go back to normal activity straight away, just no swimming or hot baths. I only took a few days off work, it's easier to get through the 2ww if your mind is occupied.

  • Thank you TLove, i've just been reading your posts and you've made me feel hopeful. We have had really similar experiences with preg losses/sticky blood etc and reading that your now havinb twins is amazing! Thank you for your advice and good luck πŸ˜„πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Hope you're being well looked after with the sticky blood, I think this is key to keeping the pregnancy when you're diagnosed with this. When do you start blood thinners? Are you over on the Hughes Syndrome board as well? I recommend that board, some very knowledgable people there on sticky blood. Best of luck and stay positive, hope it works out for you! x

  • How do I find the Hughes board? I'm boarderline but they said I would be treated from the moment of a BFP. I was already taking baby aspirin by myself for my 3rd miscarriage of which was a missed miscarriage so I hope that whatever they give me, hoping I get a BFP combined with now having no tubes to get hydrosalpinx will result in a full term pregnancy 😬 Xx

  • Sent you a message with the link - hope it works! The admins who run the board are very good for replying to any queries you may have.

  • Oh and I also ate tonnes of protein and drank buckets of water!

  • Hi, well day of transfer I was told I needed a full bladder, we live about an hr away from Hosp, so I drank about a litre of water on the way and was bursting when I hit there !!! It was really quick and we were on our way home within an hour with our 2 embryos on board.

    I didn't take the full 2 weeks off, just the first week, I did more or less stay laying or sitting down for a few days after transfer, but then started doing things ( nothing heavy ( no hoovering , no long walks,) I tested 5 days past my 5 day transfer, and got a positive result , I'm now 4 weeks pregnant and have scan booked for 27th June.

    I still can't really beleve I'm pregnant .

    My advice would be , if you feel you need a lay down - do it, if you think to yourself " I shouldn't be doing this - don't do it , be a bit selfish for a few weeks xxxx good luck xxx

  • Hi AimAim77, hope you are dojng well and its all beginning to sink in for you πŸ˜„ I have followed your posts since joining this site and its lovely that you have ended up with your BFP! And also give me hope as we are the same age. Thanks for your advice, I know i'll test early too 😁 Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and keep us all updated with how your scan goes xx

  • Hi there! I'm currently 12dp2dt and I had a full week off work and went out for a short walk or a meal every day.

    Not that you asked for this info but I ate/drank the following; pineapple core (not the rest of the pineapple), Brazil nuts, protein, kale, veggies, fruit, room temperature water, a pint of milk, lots of warm foods like soup, stew, rice pudding, porridge and I had a teaspoon of organic peanut butter a day (this isn't recommends anywhere but it is delicious! Haha). I have had a couple of bits of chocolate but very small amounts.

    I took a hot water bottle with me on the morning to keep my tummy nice and warm but didn't use it after. I've avoided baths and getting too hot and I have also had one post-transfer acupuncture session.

    I got a strong BFP this morning though OTD isn't officially until Monday

    Hope transfer goes smoothly!!! x x x

  • Oh MommaBear this is amazing news!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ huge congrats to you πŸ˜„ I've already got my pineapple ready and have been eatinb my brazil nuts since starting DR, i'll follow your other advice. So pleased for you!! Xx

  • Thank you :) I don't actually believe it yet it's very early days but for now it's there and I feel content. I don't know if any of those things actually work but I searched the web and they were the ones I felt comfortable with. I think if we feel like we are actively doing something to contribute to be cycles success that can help but who knows! Keep in touch with updates on transfer x x x

  • Hi MommaBear16 big congrats to you! it's such an exciting timeπŸ˜ƒ I'm about to start down-regging after a false start last month so I'm a few weeks behind but really interested in what to do to maximise our chances after ET. Just wanted to check about the pineapple....

    Is it best to just eat the core not the whole thing? Is it bad to eat the rest of the fruit? I've been grazing on Brazil nuts every day for a while already and trying to up my fruit & veg intake and I've heard lots of protein is also good.

    I didn't know about the warm foods so that's good to know. I really appreciate your advice as you're ahead of me and it seems to be working for you πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Thanks so much xxx

  • Think its just the core from day of transfer. Thats what i've read. Pineapple can trigger contractions in later pregnancy so i'll just be eating one pieve of core only for 5days from ET xx

  • Thanks baby2016 Good luck with your ET, will be thinking of you πŸ˜„Xx

  • I only ate the core because that's supposed to be the part that helps and I didn't fancy eating a full pineapple in 5 days because I didn't want an upset tummy!! Haha

    There's lots of information out there, I would cherry pick the ones you think you can do and will fit your lifestyle easy... It helped me make a list to remind me every day what I should be doing. I put one on my bedside table and one on the fridge :) x x x

  • I'd pretty much picked the same things as you 😊 Did you do pineapple core from day of transfer? xx

  • Yep I got home and cut out the core, chopped it into 5 and ate my first piece straight away. Then it went in the fridge. I ate very few cold foods after transfer for the first week so my body didn't have to work too hard to process them, if I ate anything from the fridge I would leave it out for a while first to get to room temperature. It sounds batty. It possibly is. But it didn't do me any harm x x x

  • Top tip πŸ‘πŸΌ thanks MommaBear16 Keep us posted with your progress 😊 Xx

  • MommaBear16 please see above. Forgot to put your name in the question! πŸ™ˆ Xx

  • It was on a Wed for me. I had my transfer, went out for lunch with hubby, went shopping and then back to work the next day! Getting on with life helps reduce the amount of time you spend thinking!

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