Life is so unfair to some of us :(

Just coming back from another scan and the nurse said I'm a poor responder because my eggs are not increasing in sizes which means they may stop treatment. I suggested they put me on a higher dose of Gonal F but she said 300 is their highest. I just feel really broken right now! :( I don't even feel like going back to the office this morning or doing anything.

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  • This will be devastating for you but don't give up hope. There will be lots of people in your position who will be able to offer positive stories and advice. Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you.

  • I'm really sorry. Will they let you restart and try a different protocol? I was a poor responder at 450, but my clinic bumped me onto DHEA for 6 weeks, then 600 units of Gonal F! I went from 1 follicle/egg to 6/7 follicles! Weirdly the round I only had 1 follicle/egg was the round that went to full term!

  • Unfortunately I only have one go on the NHS (which did not come easy as I had to fight for it). I'm just super confused right now

  • Filmgirl101 I forgot to say that I actually have 6 follicles in total but she said they are not the right sizes (they are 6mm) and the nurse said they want at least 12mm

  • We only got 1 round as well. We had to self fund after. Our NHS round was a disaster.

  • Hi just so you're aware if you stop treatment before egg collection you will get another go on the NHS. Its only considered a full treatment once collection is done. I was told by my consultant that if you need to up the dose mid stimms to get a response its too late & the eggs will be poor.

    As hard as it is I would suggest stopping this cycle & focusing on starting on a higher dose next time. You normally only have to wait 2 months between treatments.

    Also if they cant up the Gonal F ask about using gonal F & menopur together. I know that has worked for some ladies.

    good luck x

  • I wonder why they give different information though? We were told if they don't get to egg collection we would have used our only shot on NHS. My consultant isn't very helpful, she has been pushing for donor egg since the beginning and at some point said I can't get funding. I will be seeing her next week so I guess we shall see. I will read up on menopur & gonal f, thanks x

  • If you need to contact the PALS team. They are the NHS patients liasion team & i have found them useful in helping me get the answers & treatment. each hospital has there own team so have a look on the website. good luck x

  • Are you NHS? They told me the same that I could only have a max of 300 as NHS wont go higher as no evidence more works?! We asked to pay for more but the NHS dont allow that with a funded round! It was very annoying. my follicles grew but I only had 2 of them and only 1 egg at egg collection sadly it didn't fertilise. Currently on waiting list for our 2nd NHS go with donor eggs but parents have offered to pay for another round privately and we are looking at going abroad with donor.

    I would call in sick at work (I did when I had bad news from clinic) but try not to despair there are options you can take with IVF to get the family you desire xxx

  • Yes I am NHS and I only have this one go :(

  • if you dont do egg collection you still keep a go, its when you get past that bit it counts as a go. I would go on DHEA for 3 months then try again if you feel you want to try your own eggs again xx

  • Weird the counsellor said it counts as one go if I don't get to collection. I have another scan on Friday, I will ask them (if they don't stop the treatment before then, the nurse said she will call to let me know what the consultant decides). I don't mind going on DHEA (anything to help make things better).

  • Oh gosh, maybe it varies from place to place although you would think it was the same on NHS everywhere in UK. we are in a Bristol clinic but that was definitely the case with us as they said we can try another round with my eggs while on the waiting list for donor and if when we got to egg collection it wasn't worth going ahead we are still on the list for our second go. Do check just in case and i wish all you the best xxx

  • Oh wow! Lucky you. I wish you the very best and thanks I will ask again on Friday.

  • Im sorry to hear this hun. I know this might not be what you want to hear but if they end up cancelling your cycle before egg collection it means you don't lose that one go. They can look at how you responded this time and adjust drugs or type of protocol so you can have a better shot next time as it will still count as your first go. I had a slow response my first time and second time around they adjusted drugs and was much better. Don't give up hope xxx

  • Kat9lives I was told before they allowed me have this one & only shot that if I don't respond to the drugs then the funding is gone. I remember DH and I asked this question when we had our counselling. I have so many thoughts in my head right now (go abroad and try my eggs again or settle for donor egg here in UK)? I have never been this confused!

  • Ahh you poor thing, sorry to hear that. There's still time...fingers are crossed for you xx

  • Ah you poor love..don't give up hope...I was not responding well and I got increased to 450 of Gonal F and they soon caught up! I never got nhs so not sure on rules....but you find loads of us are like will get there! Big hugs xx

  • Jaky76 did it result in a BFP and then a baby? Sorry too many questions but my mind is running a marathon at the moment. I just can't get my head around the whole thing.

  • Round one BFN, but rounds 2 and 3 BFP, sadly both I miscarried...that's my drama now..can fall pregnant but can't NHS deal with the miscarriage side they won't test til had 3 losses.but I can get the eggs and fall, some people can't get that far and some people are lucky. Try to chill, it's a long road ahead and it will become part of your life. I'm picking myself up after loss only few weeks ago...but can only allow myself a certain amount of time to mope. All here for you xxxxx

  • This happened to me. I was devastated and cried all the way home. Was rescanned two days later and things had improved loads. Was then rescanned a couple of times to give things a little longer. Made it to egg collection and transfer after thinking everything was over.

  • janeyg79 oh really? I didn't hear back from the clinic yesterday so that means I can carry on with the injections. I just hope that by Friday when I scan, they will be double their sizesπŸ™ thanks that's reassuring x

  • Hi,

    Things might have changed so much in 48hrs you never know. As hard as it sounds,do not despair and please keep your head up.

    You also need a strong support network around you i.e. DH, parents/siblings or friends.

    Fingers crossed for you and hope you hear good news today.πŸ™

  • Thanks a lot Abby28 I am hoping & praying I have good news when they scan me today else I'll be shattered. DH & I decided not to tell anyone we are going through IVF so we've only got each other which is hard most of the time but we will get through it, thanks once again. I'll post the outcome of my scan today x

  • janeyg79 i had the same experience and was advised that if I don't respond to the 300mg of menopur, they will use that as my baseline and start again but would not loose my NHS funding. The only thing I would have had to pay for was the drugs. Luckily I responded to the 300mg menopur and my follicles doubled in size over 3 days. So it was a close call. Had my EC yesterday.

  • I will cross my fingers for you both :) it's a waiting game and every day further you get is a bonus x

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