Just a word of advice is needed to calm my nerves

I started stimulation some days ago and yesterday I felt a little period pain which I ignored and today I am bleeding lightly. I have called my nurse today just to check that they don't want to see my ASAP but she insisted I should carry on with my injections and that she will see me as scheduled. My question is, did anyone bleed while taking their injections? I am on gonal f and buserelin

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  • Hi there, I did long protocol and had a period during both down reg and stimming. Hope this helps :) x

  • I am on long protocol too and I had a period one week after I started buserelin and now 21days of buserelin & 4 days of gonal f now I have what I can call slightly more than spotting but not a period :(

  • i know it's worrying but have faith in your clinic, they will tell you if they have concerns x x x

  • Hi Me08, I had started syneral nasalspray first april 26th and i had got period on 1st May. Then i had started menopur injections from 12th May.

  • Have you had any period-like pains or period since 12th May? Sorry I've got too many questions. I'm glad it's not a full blown period though as my nurse said I shouldn't have a period at this stage

  • its ok....we al r in different situation n this forum helps us a lot.i didn't get period after i started the menopur injections.

  • Okay thanks, I'm just going to ride it out till Wednesday praying it doesn't get heavy and that it stops tonight. Thanks for your response x

  • i wish it does not get heavy...good luck n wish u a baby dust.

  • Hi I've done short protocol with gonal f twice & I didn't bleed either time. I felt shocking rubbish though. I did read when I first took it that some people do experience bleeding & it normally doesn't effect anything as long as your womb lining still gets to the needed size. Good luck xx

  • Oh that sounds reassuring! Thanks a lot x

  • Hi me08. It is not uncommon to have a little withdrawal bleed, so try not to worry. I'm sure all will work to plan. Good luck! Diane

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