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How many follicles before stimulation is normal?

I went in for a scan yesterday with the hope of starting Gonal F today but as it happens only one ovary could be seen (the other one had a cyst on it and was hidden). On the ovary that could be seen, only one follicle was found. I have now been told not to start Gonal F but to increase my buserelin dose for another week :( How many follicles did you have before stimulation?

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Hi there!

Wont be much help but didnt want read and run.

Its first time im on buserelin injections ( my 3 d cycle)

So only on day 4 now.

Previously i had pill followed by gonal f and cetrotide.

First cycle doctors were keep saying left ovary not accessible however on day of egg collection 2 of my precious 4 egg were retrieved frim there!

So dont worry as position of cyst could change and they will be able to collect few eggs!

Good luck! X


Thanks for replying and your comment helps me to know I can still count on the hidden ovary. I am on day 15 of buserelin (getting tired of it now to be honest), I just want to start the real deal.


Oh i know the fefeeeling!

Im off on holiday for 9 days and have my scan at the clinic 7th June. I think it will be 15 days since I started injections. I remember nurse said most probably ill start Gonnal F within a week after that.

Also i have a question. When did you get ur period since started Buserelin? was it really heavy?!


I started my period 3days ago and no it wasn't anything different to normal. How did you manage to plan a holiday with the unpredictable schedules of the clinic? our holiday is on hold for now until embie is on board and a few months :)


I was chasing my clinic for almost 3 month to start this cycle.

And just booked tickets to go away.

Im not going with my husband but taking my friends daughter ( long story short im a nanny and worked for this family for 3 years almost 7 years ago. We still very much in touch and i spoke Russian to kids even tho none of the parents Russian.so im taking older daughter 14 to show her Russia)

I wouldn't cancel it tho if dates would cross over with my ICSI.

But so happy its just fitting in nicely!

Im in a bit of in a limbo since we started whole process as my jobs change a lot.

First IVF didnt work just bfore Christmas and it was worst Christmas ever... Missing my family and having really terribletime.i didnt bother about Christmas tree.

Last year ICSI was about the same time and as i knew i might be in similar situation( or opposite beung around 3 month pregnant) i booked 1 month trip home over New year eve (Russians have 2 weeks.off in January) so when my second round didnt work it was really great to have my family arounf me for Christmas and New Years eve.


Oh no! You really have been through a lot on this IVF journey, I do hope this is your time xxx

Have fun on your holiday, you deserve it! x

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Thank you! On my way to the airport. Exited!


Hi, me08! On my first IUI go I produced too many follicles. 5 follicles is good as long as they get to a good size, don't worry at all. At my first scan i had about 5 on each side. (If I remember right). Then by the next scan I had over 20 on each side!! It's a tricky business to get the dosage right but I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't worry X


Awww thanks for the reassurance karinyaa. I didn't know they can grow so quickly and so much. My dose of buserelin has now been increased to 50 from 25. The nurse said they are pushing stimulation for another week just to monitor the ovaries to see how they act before stimulation.


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