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Some reassurance


I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I've been experiencing cramps. Twinges, stabbing pains, back ache (you name it I've probably felt it) on and off for a week or so now, but seems a little more persistent today, I feel it more when I'm sat down and eases when I move about. Has anyone else experienced these types of pains. My friends tell me it's normal.

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Hi Poppy83. Well, this does seem to me to be down to your womb being on the move. As it starts to move upwards, the Broad Ligaments it is attached to either side, start to stretch. They can be responsible for a lot of pulling and twinges from now until about 12/40wks of pregnancy. This tends to tie in with you resting, then walking about, allowing for ligament and muscle movements. It is quite normal, but if you are particularly worried then have a chat with your midwife, if you are booked in with one, or your GP if not. Good luck with the resto f the pregnancy and safe birth. Diane

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