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Natural FET agreed 👍🏼

After preparing for battle yesterday at hospital our doctor simply said "you want to try a natural cycle?" Shrugged then told us they would do a baseline scan & blood test then from approx 7 days later would take blood each day then when they see the hormone surge for ovulation they'll pop out emby in 4 days later (we have day 5 blast). I was shocked to learn they were talking about starting this next week (!!) Sounds crazy but as any newly grief stricken post IVF woman understands after just 1 month of us getting the second BFN I've not had the chance to stock up on Kleenex!!

We will go in June and pray that maybe just maybe without the hormones confusing my body, nature will support a strong implantation. Gulp. It's so strange to think our previous 7 week down reg/ stims will be replaced with no more than 10 days of blood tests!

Best of Luck to everyone wherever you're at... This process is starting to feel all too familiar now 🙄 Xx

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That sounds like a plan! I'm waiting to contact clinic when i get my next period to arrange an fet! Best of luck to you! 😘 Xxx

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Good luck, I hope you get a BFP.


Fingers crossed everything goes well for you - hopefully it will be a little less taxing physically for you. Keep us updated :) x x x


Good luck!!! Fingers and toes crossed for you xxx


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