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Ovulation bleeding.What's normal and what is not?

Hi ladies. How are you all? x

Last month I believed I suffered a chemical pregnancy (ended up in hospital with severe pain). Bleeding and cramping continued till last Thursday. Eventually the "pregnancy symptoms" went too.

All though absolutely heartbroken we decided we wanted to try again this month. Anyway yesterday I had ovary ache yesterday. Then I noticed (due to my obsessing over this situation!) I had light brown spotting. This morning I saw fresh blood. Which freaked me out. Later I had brown spotting and slight cramping. To me it seems very early to be ovulating in this cycle ( full on period started a week ago saturday) so I'd be day 8/9. My periods have become irregular which makes trying even harder. I can't think what else the bleeding could be other than ovulation.

I have been referred back to an NHS fertility (gynae recommendation 😃). I would like to try between now and then ( haven't received an appointment yet but referral has been received last week 👍)

I do not want to bother my GP as he's been so supportive towards me. And how many times can I tell him I've got bleeding issues!! This is why I've been re referred back!

Has anyone else had this happen? X

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Hey Jess

Did you do the test to confirm pregnant?

So so sorry to hear this you deserve a BFP everything you are going through.

Sorry I can't answer your question just wanted to really send you massive hugs xx


I didn't I was too scared to and I thought that I would wait a week or so trouble with TTC you fear pregnancy tests 😢But in hindsight I wish in a way I had tested.x I felt pregnant. x We know our bodies. x Exhausted (taking lots of naps) boobs went huge the only time that's ever happened was when I was having my son.x even my mum who keeps me grounded said you really do look pregnant. x The way the period acted wasn't normal which proved to me it wasn't just a period. x Severe labour like pains in agony.So bad I ended up in hospital. Dr just put it down to a very bad period coz he couldn't find any other explanation to my pain.x hubby and I knew what caused it 💔

At least I know I could fall after nearly 5 years I didn't think we were able to. That's something very positive to take from it 👍

Hey ho I've got a fertility appointment winging its way to me 😘 one way or another I will have a baby 🌈

Thanks for supportive words. It's appreciated. Sometimes it's really nice to talk to those who understand this situation 😊 really glad to see your baby is ok x 👣 hope you're resting up and letting your other half look after you x my husband doesn't want me doing anything when I become pregnant x lol he wants me not to work for 8 weeks till it's safer x I guess it impacts on men as well x such a hard journey x wishing you the very best with your pregnancy x

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Hi jess1981. Just wondered that if you indeed have had a chemical pregnancy, then there will be some bleeding etc to dispel it from your womb. this would be a normal course of events. Once that has happened, then you should be OK to try again, but may want to wait for your next period, so you know where you are. Thinking of you. Diane


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