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Confused again!

Once again my body has thrown me a curve ball. Age 45, 8th round of Clomid 2nd round at 150mg, days 5-9. Started testing at CD12 with Clearblue dual hormone. Blank circles up until CD16 then i got my flashing smiley, i then had 8 flashing smileys upto CD23. I tested FMU today and another flashing smiley but then i noticed that AF had started. I took another OPK test SMU and the line i think is darker than it should be.I`m struggling to understand my body. Does anybody have experience of this, 24 days is a very short cycle, surely my Estrogen level should have dropped and Clearblue OPK should had gone to a blank circle again?

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Hi webchick.  From what you are saying, it seems as if you are ovulating, albeit haphazardly!  This could be age related, but only blood tests could verify that.  I think if it were me, I would just go back to old-fashioned regular love making, every 3 days or more often if you like. providing your tubes are OK and partner's sperm, then you will always have some live sperm waiting in your tubes for when the egg arrives, early or late.  You don't need the stress!  Good luck with it all.  Diane


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