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2nd inj done 😛

Yesterday I started my merinol inj but had the first one at hospital. So tonight was the first time on my own . 

My boyfriend helped as when it came to setting it all up with the syringe and powders ect i got a bit confused, so he sorted it out . 

There are some really useful videos on YouTube for anyone having problems . 

Had Accupuncture today which was nice , . 

Can't believe how quick things seem to be moving now after all my set backs I really feel pokeweed are closer to our dream. 

My throat is still hurting but I'm on antibiotics I till nxt Friday so hope they kick in soon. 

Hope your all facing a lovely weekend . 

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That is great news. Really glad you are happy. Continue with that positive spirit in order to stay relaxed. 

I was wondering whether you came on your period when you were on the pill before beginning the injections. 

I've been on the pill for just over a week and my boobs are sore and feel like I am coming on but nothing has happened yet. I know the pill is supposed to lower my testosterone level as I have PCOS. Am I also supposed to get my period before I begin my injections??? 

Your response will really help.

Thanks xxx


Hi when I was on on the long protocol I used the pill for about 3 weeks I think and I had a slight bleed which is meant to happen. 

Will you be going on to the nasal spray? I did that after the pill for again about 3 weeks . 

Hope this helps x


I am on the short protocol so after the pill I will be starting my injections which is being delivered next week for my appointment later this month. 

I feel a bit relaxed by it all. 


Hi. I also have just started my merino injections on day 2 last night. 

It's good to know someone else going through it at the same time. I've done all my injections myself but these are so more complicated mixing them all together. 

Have you had any reactions to these new injections.  I've been feeling sick and tired. 

Good luck with you ivf journey. Xx

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Hi, sounds like we're st the same stage 😊 Are you on long or short protocol? I've had no reaction at all . Hopefully your sickness will pass xx


What does long and short protocol mean?xxx


Long protocol is where you have to down regulate before you start injections ( Stims) so basically long protocol switches off your hormones - this is done using a nasal spray and I found this awful side effects . I was on pill for 2 weeks to get a bleed , then started nasal spray for about 3 weeks - then your meant to move onto inj for about 7-12 days , and then you have egg collection. 

Unfortunately it didn't work for me so cycle was cancelled and now I'm on short protocol- so basically I didn't use nasal spray went straight to inj. 

It's so much quicker. I started inj Friday and use injections for 12 days then it's egg collection. 😀

Hope this answers your question. Xx

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Yes it does thank you and good luck xx


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