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Recommended Endocrinologists in Scotland or via Skype for TTC with Hashimotos?

Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to PM me any recommendations for an Endocrinologist in Scotland or that's available via skype? 

I've got Hashimotos and have been trying to conceive for three and a half years. 

My latest thyroid results had my T4 at 14, and my TSH at 2.3 which is a little high for TTC, as from what I've read (in the NICE guidelines) it ideally should be under 2, maybe even closer to 1. I'm currently on 100mcg of levothryoxine. 

So far I've only worked with my GP, NHS IVF clinic and an NHS Endocrinologist who are all happy as long as I'm in the normal range...sigh...

I've got a great nutritionist and am managing my hashimoto's well so far, have even decreased my antibodies so they're within a normal range (anti-thyroglobulin abs 91.3 <115 in February). 

I feel I really need more attention paid to my thyroid levels.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

Thank you!!

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Sorry I don't have any experience of Hashimotos.  But you could, if you haven't already visit the forum " Fertility Friends" .  They have such a wide section on fertility issues, that there should be a thread on there.

Hope that helps, and wishing success on your journey.


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Thank you jhza700 :-)


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