Feeling slightly better so now am on way to Hosp for scan

Hun, after lots of thinking I have decided that I am going to go for it. I've come on with s vengeance today ( day 1 of full bleed ) so I rang my clinic and told them about me having throat inf and being on antibiotics - and asked if it would make a difference to my treatment , they said as long as I felt that I was ok to start then I could . So, I'm booked for my scan at 11.45, and have a box of injections with me too. Exciting stuff as long as my scan goes well - short protocol here I come !!!! ( just wish my flipping train would hurry up now !!) 

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  • Good luck!  I hope it all goes well today!x

  • Hi Aimaim77.  Just you go for it girl!  Providing you are feeling a bit better, you should be OK to start.  I have ladies with full blown flu going through treatment cycles, with some achieving success.  Thinking of you.  Diane

  • OOOO hoe exciting and good luck, getting started will probs make you feel better as your working towards your dream. Good Luck xxx

  • I went through with it with full blown flu!  Barely well enough to make my flight!  Then only 1 follicle...  That was supposed to be our final hurrah and didn't look good.  It worked!  Maybe my body was too sick to notice the little embryo put back inside!  She's 3 now.  

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