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I think I've come on ( cycle may be cancelled Before even begun)

I'm gutted, I've been waiting nearly 9 weeks to come on and if this does turn into a proper period either tonight, Sunday or Monday then my cycle will be cancelled till nxt period. 

I've been told to call Hosp on day 1 of full bleed but my clinic only scan on mon, wed and fri - as its bank hol this week I wouldn't be able to call them as there closed. 

This is just so flipping typical for me, it hasn't appeared for ages and when it does decide to show I'm at a dead end again as bank holiday !!!

And adding to all this I have a nasty throat infection , I think it's stress coming out. 

If I come on properly Tuesday I'll be fine as they can scan me Wednesday , but if I come on Sunday (today) or Monday its game over .

I'm so bloody pissed off . 

If this cycles cancelled I may have to wait ages again for a period ! I could cry 😥😥😥😥

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Oh you poor love...fingers crossed it does not come. I can't believe a fertility clinic can close all those days and affect people's treatment..that's so stupid. I got everything crossed for you xxxc

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Fingers crossed it holds off until Tuesday X 


I've got my fingers crossed for Tuesday. I hope everything works out as the waiting is just so hard xxx


Oh no, that's really unfair!!

I usually go for my first cycle scan on day 3 or 4 of my flow. But they tell me to call day 1 so they can schedule everything. If you call them Tuesday and explain you're only day 3 or 2, (so you'd be 4 or 3 on wed) maybe they could squeeze you in to scan you? Fingers crossed for you! 


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