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Just signed consent forms

We have just signed our consent forms at the clinic. I have to wait for my gastro to add his 2 pennies worth and then i can start the process.

I have Crohns as well as this and Im so worried that the process will make me ill. That or make me hormonally/mentally unwell.

Does anyone have any advice re keeping well in these way? 

I have so many questions but feel that someone going through this is better to answer them 

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I have IBS I know it's not the same as Crohns at all but we share a few symptoms. The meds have made me hormonal and a bit unbalanced yes, but actually it's had the opposite effect on my IBS it's helped it out a lot. I'm still very bloated but my stomach pains I get if I eat certain foods have toned down a lot.

Hope that helps and good luck! Xx


Yeah IBS is really similar with the symptoms. Can be so brutal.

How have you dealt with the hormonal changes? What are they like?

Worse than PMT?


I've found them worse than PMT. It feels like I'm a different person most days. Like I polar opposite in emotions and feelings. My husband says it is almost like living with two different people and he never knows which one will show up. Really lethargic too. All worth it in the end though I hope :)

Good luck to you and hope it doesn't affect your tummy too badly x


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