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Still no period

Hi I'm a bit lost with my periods I had one 22nd Feb  afrer they gave me the pill to start IVF then I spotted on and off for about 2 days around 14th March and then nothing since then . I'm actually pleased as I'm due to go back to start IVF short protocol nxt Wednesday ( hopefully unless they delay it again) and I've heard they start inj on day 3 of bleed ? Is this right ? 

So, my period must be close to coming hopefully nxt week would be great so I can get started am desperate to try again and actually get somewhere well at least further than down reg. 😊

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Hi Aimaim77.  Just keeping everything crossed that you don't have to wait too much longer, and good luck when your next cycle starts.  Diane

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I started my injections on day 2 but think it various from clinic to clinic. I am also hopefully starting again next week. Good Luck xxxxxxxxx


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