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Referred for IVF - Liverpool Hospital

Hi all. So I got told today by Ormskirk Hospital that my partner has a low sperm count (they didn't give me the percentages) so have been referred to IVF at Liverpool Hospital. How long is the usual wait for the first appointment to come through and what happens at the first appointment? My blood tests came back ok. I also have Endometriosis but they have said that it's not blocking anything so I should have no problems with fertility. Been told the only hope to reduce my symptoms is to get pregnant.  Wondering if anyone else has been referred to Liverpool? I've seen a few consultants at Ormskirk, first for my Endo and then for my initial fertility tests and they have been pretty bad and not given me hardly any information x

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My daughter was under the Hewitt center at liverpool, she gave birth to a little girl last week, from her 1st IVF ICSI, good luck x


It was about 18 weeks or so a year ago... I got my first appt for ivf then my other half got a job elsewhere and we moved and started again! 


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