Super chilled

So tomorrow will be one week since transfer day. I have had a nice chilled out week so far and the time is going fairly quick :-) Its good to keep busy and occupied as many of you have said. So thank you for your comments.. What ever the outcome is we shall deal with it then. But as far as we are concerned things are going well until proven wrong .Although its hard .. Must stay positive .. Sending baby dust to you all XX

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  • Good luck 😊 X

  • Thankyou Kimmy2016 x

  • The same here, you are just one day ahead of me :-) Have you experienced any symptoms yet as I haven't really noticed anything? All the best and good luck to you!

  • Hi WhatAwait . No not really. I have had sore breasts for some time now, whether that's to do with all the different meds I've been on or a good sign I'm really not sure. Had the odd twinge but probably get them anyway. Trying not to read into things to much . Am just enjoying myself and chilling out . What will be will be .. If worse case happens, to be honest my hubby and I are pleased we got this far. So there will always be another chance if we end with a negative. Obviously if that's the case I will be naturally very upset but have our fingers toes and everything crossed . Good luck to you too XX  

  • I'm a bit ahead of you - we have 6 days til the test date and I really haven't felt anything apart from a bit of bloating and sore boobs but I think that can be a side effect of the progesterone. I'm realising that there probably isn't any point in second guessing symptoms so I've just been trying to keep busy. It's tough though isn't it? Fingers crossed we all get the little ones we're so desperate for xxx

  • Absolutely Sarahmanc .. All the best to you too. One day we shall all be mummys.  XX 

  • Just wanted to say good luck xx

  • Hi, wizzle! Have my fingers crossed for you XX

    I just wanted to ask are you feeling any awkward things which are bothering? When I was on day 6 after transfer I'd been having lots of stomach pain. Also dull aches and so to say overall heaviness. Some light cramping but not too much. Twice I felt dizzy when I get up or turn suddenly... So I'm just wondering how the others are doing on this stage.

    Thanks beforehand and take care, hun X

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