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EC booked for Monday!

Hey everybody ! Today I had my scan to check on how my little follies are doing. 

Last time I was a poor responder and I just about managed to get to EC and then we had 3 eggs and only 1 use able for ET .. 

This time they increased my dosage and both ovaries responded much better so they have brought my EC forward to Monday! We hoping to get about 9 eggs , which for is a miracle if we actually get that many ! I am praying to have good embies to freeze this time as it's our last round ! 

Anybody else booked for EC Monday? Hope your all doing well whatever stage your at :) xx

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Hi daydreamer89.  Just wanted to wish you well for Monday, and so pleased to hear that you have responded better this time round.  Good luck with the rest of the cycle.  Diane

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Thank you for your support and advice DianeArnold ..fingers crossed I have got some good little eggs on board :) 


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