Unsure if this is my period or bleed from hysteroscopy

Hi I'm over 2 weeks late for my period, I had a hysteroscopy on Tuesday and bled a little bit that day . Yesterday I had a bit when I wiped but today I have a bit more. 

I have felt really tired which is normally a sign I'm coming on, but I am not sure if this is my period . 

There so irratic anyway .

I have my appointment in 13 days to hopefully start IVF short pro so was hoping my period would hold off till then . 

My body never seems to do what I want it to do . 

Guess I'll just have to wait and see if this turns into anything . If it is my period I could be waiting another 2 months for nxt one which is going to delay my IVF start again 😟

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  • Hi Aimaim77. Seems like it could be your period starting.  Fingers crossed that it is, so you know where you are with your cycle before starting treatment again.  Good luck!  Diane

  • Hi, this absolutely could be your period. Sorry for the late answer.

    Firstly, let me wish you fast healing after the hysteroscopy. This is a pretty invasive procedure. Secondly, even if there will be a delay of your next cycle, just take this for granted. Your docs know better what is better for you. So, try to stay calm and trust them. Hugs X

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