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Follow up after failed icsi

Girls ... just had my follow up after failed icsi. .. basically the gist of it was that I only stimmed for 7 days and that probably wasn't long enough as I had loads of eggs and other 5 mature ! I'm slightly annoyed as putting my body through that and they got it wrong really. So this time I'm having lower dose and will stimm for 10 days ... start in may xxx

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Hi kc21. Sorry to hear of the failed ICSI cycle. Although it didn't seem to have gone as well as it could, they seem to have learnt what might have gone wrong and are now approaching the cycle slightly differently. I do hope that it works out better for you when you start in May, and of course for success. Diane


Glad you got some answers, and your follow up was quick. Ours is 18th April after test date on 4th March.

Hopefully next time will be your time xxx


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