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TESA attempt twice on one day?

Hi all

Does anyone have experience of their partner having a TESA twice on one day?

My DP had a TESA and they found 3 sperms in 2013, none of which could be frozen . We were told recently by the same clinic to have one TESA on my egg collection day, but if they couldn't find man sperm like last time, they could do another attempt on the very same day to hopefully get some more.

We're not being treated at that clinic now (The London Women's Clinic) and our chosen clinic in Denmark don't do two attempts on one day.

Has anybody done two attempts? is there a real benefit to it? DP seems to think they can just keep digging until they get enough but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that (I think mainly because he would prefer his, rather than donor sperm).

Finding info on this has been tricky so advice would be gratefully received!!!!

Thanks x

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Hi SharlyWarly. The only thing I would be careful about, is any scarring causing further problems?? I would imagine that he would be pretty sore having two attempts on one day. Hope all works out well for you both. Diane


Hi Diane - thanks for your message :-)

I've now managed to liaise directly with the doctor at the clinic in Denmark and he has advised that when they do the TESA they get the lab to have a look at it in terms of quantity and then if they need more they can go in again and do this up to 3 times per TESA. I was actually mostly concerned that they would need to sedate him more than once in one day - that doesn't sound at all healthy! thankfully I was wrong and it's all done in one attempt.

I was a little worried about scarring or it causing more damage and this still needs to be clarified however my partner is rather gun-ho about it and is happy to try 3 times on one attempt! He's had two vasectomy reversals so it can't be worse than that in terms of being sore :-)

Let's see what happens x


Hi. Oh bless him! He's very brave, so hopefully it will all be worth it. I do hope they find some decent sperm for you, and of course for success. Good luck! Diane


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