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Up and Down

Well it's over a week since my BFN, it definitely has been a roller coaster ride of emotions! 🙈 Trying to stay positive for the next round, but as yet I've no idea when that will be! I have to wait until my next period and contact clinic then! Unsure if it'll be a fresh cycle or if we'll try a FET first! Got a phone consultation with the embryologist next week, any ideas on what i need to ba asking?

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I've just had a failed fresh cycle in Dec and I'm waiting on having my fet I've got 3 embryos frozen I'm presuming if you have frozen embyros they will use them first Hun, I've just ha my appointment with the embryologist I would ask them the quality of the embryos and what the freezing rate is I was told 90% chance they would thow out, maybe ask about the endometrial scratch as I forgot to ask about this, was your last cycle a fresh cycle, I wish I only had to wait 1 period to start again my clinic make us wait 3 it's so dragging is only had 1 period up to now 🙈 Xxxx


Sorry to hear this time was unsuccessful Jam.

I only had egg transfer yesterday with only 1 embie making to to blastocycst stage so have none frozen but I think the FET are every bit as successful as fresh. Did you have a lot of eggs frozen and on what day.

I would maybe ask them the reasoning behind selecting the one(s) you had transferred against the others. If they were all at the same stage and quality you have maybe just been unlucky.



Hi jam19982. Would you like o have a look at my list of questions before the phone call? Too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence at dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will sent it to you. Good luck! Diane


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