Not posted for a long time. After a frozen 5 day transfer its our test day. Just did it had a really faint positive line. We're both in a bit of disbelief and scared never thought it would happen still don't think it has. Also I've pretty much felt like my period was going to start since 3 days in to 2ww wait. Rambling somewhat now as haven't actually waited 2 weeks it's only been 10 days. Worried that the drugs I've been taking might have affected the test... Wish it was Monday so I could call the clinic! Just looking for some advice or if this has happened to other people.

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  • Have no former experience, but thought I'd send you a message to wish you luck and remind you just to be relaxed.

    Gosh, I didn't realise if it fell on a Sunday you would only be able to test in hospital on Monday. Stands to sense because it's a weekend; but that extra day must be killing you!

    Try and have a relaxing Sunday with a pub lunch somewhere and back in your pjs snuggled on sofa. Good luck xx

  • I don't get to test in the hospital just talk to them. They said to wait another week then test again. :-/ thank you for the support x

  • Hi,

    Congratulations !!! :-)

    A faint positive is still a positive!. I was naughty and tested early :-) . I think the issue with testing early is that the depot shot can still be in your system. (someone correct me if I am wrong), giving a false positive. However, with a frozen transfer you don't have that, well I didn't, but had transfer in Czech Rep,so maybe they do things differently.

    Good luck and enjoy :-)


  • Congrats! I tested 3 days earlier as well thinking it would rest my mind. However, when it was a faint positive I didn't believe it! I then tested twice a day leading up to test day to check it was still positive and nearly drove myself mad! I had period like pains for nearly all the 2ww and was convinced it hadn't worked. Now I'm 21 weeks pregnant and taking each week as it comes 😁 And I'm still getting period like pains now! Good luck and try and relax (though I know that's impossible!) xxx

  • I've not actually tested early, it's the date they gave me to test but it's only 10 days since nice the transfer. But I'm guessing they count the 5 days embryo itself..

  • My OTD was only 11 days after transfer anyway so I tested 8 days after. Apparently after 9 days, hcg is high enough to picked up by a HPT, not sure if it's the same on a frozen cycle? I think it's called the 2ww as with a 3 day transfer, you have to wait longer to test. You've had a blasto transferred so can test earlier as it implants earlier

  • Yay a positive is great!!!!

    My otd isn't till 18dp3dt... Tuesday ;)

  • Good luck x

  • Good luck Losinghopefast77, I've got everything crossed for you ❤️ x

  • Thanks girls! :)

  • I had a 5 day transfer but was told not to test until 14dpt. The line I had was quite strong so I would wait 4 days and try again (if you can stop yourself testing every day that is!).

    Good luck! I hope it all goes well x

  • Hi Lhow I share your concerns, I'm in exactly the same boat! 9dp5dt (otd) and a faint positive but I'm not convinced. Cramping most of the week too. Is it all the drugs playing tricks? Argh! Seems some places say test on day 14 so it really is a 2ww. wishing you the best of luck for a BFP, keep us posted! X

  • I think it's just hard to believe really didn't expect this frozen one to work.. Did 3 tests now all faint positive lines. Just trying to remain grounded but hopeful! Good luck to you!

  • Hi LHow8. Just read your post and wanted to wish you well with your ongoing pregnancy. Any hCG used as a trigger shot would have been out of your system now, so you are definitely reading the "real" hcG your embryo is making. Diane

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