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Success rate of IVF for low AMH


going to undergo IVF on April. Age 31. Doc says AMH is 0.72 and AFC is 4 on each ovary. I am afraid this is low and low on confidence about my success rate. Can anyone confirm if its really low or manageable for the IVF ? worried about my IVF getting cancelled because of low AFC .

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I had a pre treatment afc of 4 in total and had 2 cycles without being cancelled. More follicles showed during stims and got 5 eggs first round and 6 eggs 2nd. The second round produced 4 blastocysts. Your total afc of 8 sounds pretty good. Although your amh is low, my dr said age is most important factor and you have that on your side. I would think your chances are pretty good. I'm having my fet April/may time so we may end up in 2ww together! Google luck xx

anna0908 in reply to anna0908

That should read good luck! Darn spellcheck!!

emu2016 in reply to anna0908

It's so lovely reading someone's journey with similar numbers is not all that bad. Thanks for sharing!

anna0908 in reply to emu2016

The one thing I've learnt through this process is you don't know how you respond to ivf until you go through it. I've seen many people with much better 'numbers' than me have poor response and vise versa. Good luck xx

emu2016 in reply to anna0908

Yep, everyone is different.... just keep the hope.

I start my journey soon with low figures too... Just as worried as you are. Can't stop reading about it & then getting myself in a pickle!

I was on AMH of 3 with 5 afc. The clinic was fine with me going ahead with IVF anyway and ended up with only 4 on my left ovary , nothing on left, which eventually resulted in 2 blastocysts, no Frosties. But those 2 are now settled in for 22 weeks and I'm expecting twins in June! Anything is possible, just stay positive and believe in the science.

Anything is possible. I have an AMH of 24 and yet failed to respond at all to stimulation. This whole process seems a bit hit and miss. Good luck. x

Hi I'm pretty much in the same boat too I had an AMH of 5 and an Antral follicle count of 6 (3 on each) I'm 27 years old. My consultant told me I was lucky as the cut of point for NHS IVF in my area is 4. But he did also says its quality rather than quantity and given my age I stand a better chance of good quality. He said we usually find out more during the first cycle. I know what it's like though I'm a bit of a googleholic! I start my first cycle soon. Best of luck xxxxxxxx

Good luck to everyone going through this!


Hi seesri. Your AMH reading is very low as you realise, but your AFC for such a low reading is not so awful. Hopefully they can work with this and get your ovaries to produce a few follicles. I doubt there will be many, but a few would do nicely - good luck! Diane

Thank you all for the replies. Gives me lot of encouragement !

hi seesri, just wondered how your journey ended up? I've got low AMH and AFC and am feeling pretty down. I'm 38 and wondering what my next steps should be. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello Seesri,

I’m 31 and I have a low AMH of 6.1 and I wasn’t ovulating either and I am now 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant after my first round of IVF xx

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