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Back at Hosp again tmr morn for scan

Feeling hopeful that this time My lining is ready to start stims injections tomorrow , as last Wednesday when I was scheduled in to originally start injections they said I wasn't ready.

How many times a day do you normally inject ?

And roughly how long will they keep me on injections before egg collection?

Getting excited 😊😊

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Oooo fingers crossed its ready. I was on short protocol so totally different but think once you start stimming you should be well on the way, it will depend how you respond X


Hey aim aim,

It depends on how well you respond but i think its anywhere between 8-14 days.

Total is day 10 of stimms for me, im fie to take my booster inj tom night with egg collection due Wed am.

Good luck xx


I am doing both injections now, buserlin morning is about 2 weeks and then start menapor evening for again about 2 weeks, just depending on follicles. Good luck X 😘


15 days of stims for me but they put the dose really low and gradually increased it to avoid risk of OHSS. Don't get disheartened if you have lots of scans and EC date gets moved lots, it did with me and was frustrating but obviously worth it. I had Gonal F stims every evening and thenot cetrotide in the evening after 4 days both through to the trigger shot. Good luck for today! X

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Good luck today. Whilst you're there you should ask them for a print out of your protocol with all your dates and timings. It's roughly between one week and two but totally depends on the treatment you are taking and how you respond. Everyone is different but you could be looking at 2 weeks from today. Let us know how you get on xxx


Hi Hannah they gave me a protocol and according to plan I should have started inj last Wednesday with egg col nxt Monday 14th . But lining wasn't quite ready last week so guess it's about 12 /13 days from whenever I start inj . Keeping everything crossed. Will let you know.

How are you xxx


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