Has anyone passed DE IVF in Biotexcom??

Hello, dear all! We'll highly appreciate any point of view or advice.

Currently we're looking on de ivf programs offered by Biotexcom in Ukraine. (Other ones were suggested by ISIDA which is in Kiev too, but the first one seems closer for some reasons for us). So we've got this info. Please share what you think.

- 1 attempt - ECONOMY - 4900 euro in 1 installment after you sign the contract. In case selective reduction is needed we will be charged 1000 euro additionally.

- 2 attempts - DOUBLE - 6900 euro in 2 equal installments. Selective reduction is covered by the package price.

- 5 attempts - GUARANTEED SUCCESS - 9900 euro in 2 equal installments. In case of 5 negatives they refund the money paid. Selective reduction is covered by the package price as well.

Option#3 sounds really great, doesn't it? ;)

Besides every package covers:

1. Medical treatment (It goes like they're working according to the leading treatment plans. Proved being efficient, and that allows them not to have age limit for egg donation programs).

2. Egg donor fee (donor base contains more than 300 young (not older than 27) with proven fertility). Every donor has at least one healthy child of her own.

3. Medications needed.

4. Services of the manager in charge of the program.

5. Accommodation, meals, transportations.

Thanks a lot, lovelies xxx

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  • Hi Marmo. Well, the third option sounds extremely reasonable. I can't really comment on all of this, as it would be seen as advertising. However, I do wish you huge luck with whatever you do decide to go ahead with. Diane

  • Thanks for your respond x

  • I underwent ivf with donor egg in this clinic! We decided to go abroad for de ivf. We were looking for reliable clinic with affordable prices and professional doctors. I won't say it was easy. There so many scammers, who want to pull all your money from you. After reading hundreds of reviews and weighing all pros and cons we decided to go to Ukrainian clinic biotexcom. I've got pregnant from 2nd attempt. The clinic provided us with all needs. We were met in the airport by taxi driver. Then the taxi carried us across Kiev and to the clinic. We had an English-speaking manager. She translated everything for us and answered our questions. The clinic provided us with comfortable apartment and food supply. We were worring about nothing, but de ivf procedure. All these services were already included into our package. We paid only that single price €9 900 for everything. We had 5 attempts of de ivf. Also the clinic gives money back in case of failure of all tries. There were other packages too. As you've said, there was ‘Economy’ with 1 attempt for €4 900. And also 'double package', contains 2 attempts, €6 900. And also there was a package with transfer from de ivf to surrogacy. I became a mother of a beautiful girl two years ago. I had an opportunity to give the clinic a list with features of desirable donor. My daughter looks like me. No one can ever tell she’s from donor. First of all pay attention to reviews, good and bad. Make some kind of list of all pros and cons. Browse official websites of preferable clinics. I advise you to contact clinics directly. Ask them questions, which interest you. Pay attention to their answers. I hope this info will help! Good luck with your procedure!

  • I've learned about Ukrainian BioTexCom here, on this forum. My dh and I were ttc for a long time. We’ve tried different treatments and ivf. Unfortunately nothing gave result. That was a difficult time for our family. It was hard to return to new efforts and go back to clinics, because there were only disappointment and distrust inside. We decided to give biotexcom a chance, because as I've read this clinic helps even in the most severe cases. We are in the beginning of our journey now and it's hard for me to judge is this clinic is really good. At this exact moment I'm satisfied. Let's see what comes out!

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