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Trigger Shot Tip

Last night I took my trigger shot of suprecure and I remember the first time I did this on my first cycle - I thought I had filled the syringe but most of it was air, I was so flustered and my consultant has told me to take another shot 15 mins later and it was all ok in the end. Since then it's the one shot that makes me nervous and yesterday when I did it, I noticed that if you turn the syringe around and the numbers look magnified you know that it's full, if they don't it's full of air. I'm sharing this as I read a couple of other ladies had this issue in the past, so hope this tip helps for you to double check that you've filled up. EC tomorrow, hope I get a good result, good luck to all you ladies also collecting tomorrow.

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Good luck lovely, my EC is tomorrow too. Do you feel nauseous at all from the trigger shot today? X

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Hi, thank you, you too! I'm a single lady freezing my eggs, so it's been a lonely journey :( I just feel very tired today, I've been sleeping on and off most the of the day to be honest. Sorry to hear you're feeling nauseous :( but make sure you keep drinking the water... Good luck x


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