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Bloated tummy

Not sure if it's the medication of down reg meds but my tummy is so bloated and a strange symptom - my scalp is sore ( feels like I've had my hair in a really tight ponytail ! V strange.

How's everything going for you all? X

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Hi Aimaim77

I cannot help you with any of your questions as we are booked in for sperm retrieval next thursday - 3rd march. we may not be successful and we may not even progress further - next Thursday could be the end of the dream for us.

I have seen your posts and questions and honestly, I would try to stay positive and try not to over analyse everything too much - soooo easy to say, I have googled every known website re the sperm retrieval BUT you are in good hands and these ladies and gents are here to help and if you are overly concerned please call the unit that is looking after you - that is what they are there for - to look after you.

Please try to relax and enjoy the process - for some, we may never get as far as you.

Take care,

Holly x

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Hi Aimaim77. I've just answered your post about your headache, so hope that helped. Your tummy is probably feeling a bit bloated as a result of the Buserelin too, unfortunately, and will settle down at the end of the course of nasal spray, hopefully. Diane


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