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Nothing simple !

So went for our scan today after our faint pregancy test and low hgc levels ..... scan showed no sign of pregnancy but they've done a blood test today and they've said hgc levels have risen ...... now im worried this is a ectopic pregnacy 😕.

Only got voice messages left from doctor saying to repeat blood test in a week as it was late so need to phone clinic in morning

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Did they tell you what your levels were. I had a chemical pregnancy where I got a positive hcg but after ten days the levels dropped and that was that.

Hoping it's not an eptopic for you xx

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Just know my last one has raisen to 98.

And the one before that had gone up ...... to be honest just want it over now sick of doing pessarys 😢 when it's pointless


Have you managed to speak with anyone today?

I checked my info for my hcg tests...




From what they told me when going through the above, the hcg levels rise like a normal pregnancy...



I have but no further forward nurce didn't have a clue cause doctor didn't leave details waiting for a phone call back ..... they were expecting my levels to of dropped but there now up to 98 .... another blood test next week is all I know so far xx


Oh that's annoying that they couldn't tell you anything more...


I know starting to feel very let down by them .... I do know if they don't drop next week it was mentioned I might be referred to early pregnancy clinic x


I was told for a viable pregnancy they like first hcg to be above 75 and it should start doubling quickly. It might not be eptopic, could it be a chemical pregnancy? xx


Clinic have rang me consultant is worried about it might be eptopic..... just have to keep fingers crossed that it is just chemical and that levels fall next week but there hoping to refer me to early pregnancy clinic


Let us know how you get on xx


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