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Hello lovelies hope everyone is keeping well, just come back from clinic and egg collection booked in for Friday. Im Feeling very excited and little anxious last time we done Ivf was in a lot of discomfort at egg collection right through to our 2ww so anyone got any tips to help me relax? Been having acupuncture which i find very good but not having next treatment til Monday. Any recommendations greatly recieved. Baby dust to you all! X

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  • I was really anxious for ec as last time I had a nightmare with it, was in agony for 3/4 days. I went in to clinic this time and told the nurses who instantly out my mind at rest and luckily I had next to no pain whatsoever. The day before collection I cuddled up with a book to help relax me and on the day read a little more. I'm now on my 2ww with a new book and feeling really well. Hope this helps and sending lots of best wishes to you xx

  • Thanku for reply Donnauk8 I have decided to keep busy this morning then chill this afternoon with my book. I hope the 2 ww will fly by for you. Sending lots of luck and baby dust. Xx

  • Hi Helen lou I'm at the same stage as you. Head my 14 day of fsh scan yesterday (weds) and been told EC is tomorrow (fri). Had acupuncture yesterday and next one is Monday afty. Have you done your trigger shot? That felt like the worst of all the injections but maybe it was just more important! What time is your EC? I'm really excited, nervous, shocked as we didn't think we'd get to EC this time. My consultant said to think about it as though it is only 5-15mins of possible pain and the end goal is so worth it! Let me know how you get on! Good luck!!! Xx

  • Hiya Kat9lives. Yes had my trigger shot last nite whilst watching the new James bond film. Trying to keep occupied. I too have booked acupuncture on Monday afternoon. I didn't like the thought of doing it last time we went through ivf but have decided to embark on few more sessions to try help with implantation. Sending you lots of luck and baby dust. Here is to our exciting journey. Xxxx

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