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Is egg collection ever early?

Just wondering if e/c is ever earlier than originally said?

Mines booked for 14th March at the moment , I start inj nxt Wednesday 2nd March ( that's also my first scan) then I have scans booked for min 7th, wed9yh and fri 11th ( think I'm being monitored more as I have polycistic ovaries)

Has anyone's e/c date ever been bought forward?

Thanks lovely lady's

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Don't really know but I thought ec deepened when your follicles reach a certain size. Not a set date as such


I had my first scan 2 weeks ago and start injections tomorrow I haven't been given a date for my EC I was told I wouldn't get one until had scans to make sure everything is progressing as it should be!! So if you start injections Next weds and EC is on 14th doubt it would be moved forward what's your protocol maybe speak to your fertility nurse and ask her for some advice and what's likely to happen x


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