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So near yet so far...


Hi ladies

Hope you are all doing OK in your journeys.

My cool kids were frozen in day 2 in November and more the clinic say they will not defrost then on transfer day but 24 hours before :(

I'm terrified they arrest :(

I know I can't do anything that what will be will be, but this waiting is awful.

If they are OK and implanted my test day is 19 days after .....

Any advice for a 2-3ww

Last time I was in so much pain from the EC I couldn't do much. I need to know what's OK and what's not.

I guess my period will come bang on time if it's negative as last times was.

I hate this process, wouldn't it be lovely to make love and make a baby like everyone else seems to manage to do :(

Baby dust to all

Sorry for being a negative moany mare ;)

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I can empathise, as I have Day One embryos in storage, and I've not thawed any yet. I have all these concerns to come, and a lot of research to look at, me thinks. There is some conflicting evidence, but from what I've read, they will implant sooner if the embryos are considered perhaps a bit too weak to reach blastocyst stage, as in some case embryos arrest outside of the womb, but have a better chance of survival in a natural setting. Or that's how I understand it, anyway. Hope that helps!

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Hope so xx

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