Anyone had a big bleed and still got bfp?

It's my test day tomorrow and I've been having a lot of dark brown discharge- really quite yuk and today whenever I go to the loo I loose lots of blood. I am kind of thinking that's it's probably not worked but I wondered if anyone else had the same and still got a bfp? I've had a massive pain too which meant I found it hard to stand up but that's now gone. I'm also full of cold which totally hit me this morning as well- so frustrating! Xx

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  • Yes - I was bleeding bright red and got a BFP. Had two good HCGs and a week after my BFP the bleeding has stopped. Rest as much as you can and got luck for tomorrow.

  • Oh wow that's brilliant-so pleased for you! Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow but I wasn't holding out much hope after today but I suppose it's not over til it's over- thanks so much for your message xx

  • Unfortunately it wasn't to be this time a bfn- just waiting to hear when my follow up appointment will be so we can start the process again! X

  • Sorry to hear that - it's such a lottery. Well done for getting through it and hope your follow up goes well.

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