Hello guys :)

Went for my first scan today everything was great so start my other injection tomorrow then back again on Thursday then my parnter goes for is op on 3rd March an if they get any sperm i go in the next day to get my eggs collect its so exciting and scary at the same time cant believe its nere here we have been waiting for a year an a half for this :) good luck everyone xx

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  • Good luck! x

  • Thank u x

  • Hey best of luck and hope all works out... Me and my wife are still waiting our first consult but hopefully we will be getting it on the next few weeks. Just out of curiosity, why does your husband require an "op", has he low myphology? Sorry in adnance if I'm being too personal

  • Hey. Sanj76. My partner has zero sperm count so hes has to go tho. Op to c if they can get any sperm that way so we are doing icsi / ivf. Good luck with your journey :)

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