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Finally after 3 and a half years got our start date for ICSI today 9th March 😊. Been trying to feel positive about the whole thing, nurse was so lovely but when we got home I couldnt stop crying! Think my emotions have been building up all this time and overwhelmed by it all! Hopefully ive got it all out now and can go back to feeling positive. Feeling nervous about doing injections, didnt realise they needed mixing up!

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  • Hi Rosy, totally know how you feel. I had my first appointment yesterday and kept tearing up during it! Its such a milestone and its a relief. I have my next appointment mid March to show injections etc but enough time to regroup and focus again - good luck and all the best x

  • Hello, I know how you feel after waiting so long. I have just started my first round of IVF and the injections and mixing are easy it just becomes routine, I do feel quite tired but apart from that no real side affects (not sure if this is a good sign or not) I have my first focilcle scan today so keeping my fingers crossed they can see something as I have low amh and I am on the highest dose but they said not expect loads x

  • Thanks for the advice, hope your scan went well today 😊

  • Hi rosy_1. I'm not surprised you had a good cry - you've been waiting ages, so it all comes as such a shock when finally you get a start date. Try not to worry about the injections, you will be fine, and if they get a bit sore, try putting an ice cube on the "spot" for 10 minutes beforehand. Look into having a session of counselling too at your clinic. One should be on offer and it can be good to "let it all out" with a neutral person. Good luck! Diane

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