Here we go!

Hello dear All!

Our first cycle has already begun! I'm so excited about it!

Our first app was conducted on 8th of Feb as it was supposed to. Our doc is marvelous. From that what we've heard and seen we seem to be in hands of the professional.

My husband and I first came to biotexcom to undergo the required tests. Those were blood tests for us both, pap smear and sperm count. The doc carefully studied our medical records. Then she performed transvaginal ultrasound check. The most terrifying thing for us was her evaluation of our chances to successfully accomplish the program. But here our points of view just coincided, considering it to be at least 3 DE IVF att. But among the clinic offers there are three available programs, one of which is 5 att - Guaranteed Success, being financially more attractive than the others as for me.

The doc explained us the treatment plan. We signed the agreement. They gave us medications needed for my subsequent stimulation protocol and that's all. We're on the way!

We have so much hope praying for each person concerned be blessed. My fingers crossed we're going on xx

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  • Hi there. We're about to sign the papers for our first round of IVF too! It's an exciting/nerve wracking time! I don't know about you but I got sick of waiting and this has been the first month when I have started my period and I haven't got depressed about it. I have to manage my expectations because I know there are no guarantees but at least we're on our way! Good luck with your IVF journey xx

  • Hi Mel77. Just wanted to add my good wishes for a straightforward treatment cycle and of course eventual success. Diane

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