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Reflexology ??


Hi ladies , hope your all doing as well as you can be ! Just a quick question to see if any of you have any opinions of reflexology ? Has anybody had it while going through ivf ? I am getting ready for our 2nd round of ivf in march and want to see whats best to try and help this round work for us ! Any advice/ opinions would be hugely appreciated x

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Yes I have done lots of Reflexology. The lady I go to is a bit hippy and really makes me laugh & feel good about myself. I love the way I feel a bit "stoned" when I leave.

I have sadly been going for nearly 3 years now & have had 5 x failed rounds of IVF so I can't say if it has helped. But it did make me feel better.

Just make sure you like the person doing and feel you can "float away".

Lots of luck


I have been having reflexology for the last 12 months, I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and a bad work situation. Ttc for 3 years and convinced stress was a major factor.

I love my sessions, much more relaxing than acupuncture in my opinion. I started weekly for a few months then dropped it to fortnightly.

I really believe it's reduced my stress and she also councils a bit in the sessions.

She provided me with a letter for work too which explained in depth the link between stress reactions and anxiety response etc which my occ health could not ignore.

I had my first cycle recently and got the bfp today from 1 embryo!

If it works or if it's placebo I don't care, I think it helped.

If you find a really good 1 they will help with all sorts including diet and supplements. Mine specialises in sub fertility and I can't praise her enough x

Mrsw12 sorry you have has such a tough time of it i hope that ur day will come very soon ! Thank you for the advice ladies i have booked a lady for reflexology starting next week ! Amanda85 , i hope it will also help me relax and be less stressed because i to believe that stress is playing a big factor on my body ! Fingers crossed , yes she seems pretty amazing to be honest and has recommened supplements and diet to me so it is all systems go here to get myself ready for our next round of icsi ! Hope ur both doing well and thank you for the advice ladies 😚 xx

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