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Ami being unreasonable

I sometimes feel that my other half is taking this whole ivf in his stride .

At our last app we were told he needed to do an up to date semen test. ( he still hasn't done it ) I'm still on by pills at the mo so I know we have time but if this was me having to give an up to date test of want it done asap .

I have egg collection booked for 14th March so I guess as long as his samples in a week or so before that it should be fine. ( his samples have always been ok in past)

Also, he's had quite a few beers this week and I have said that he needs to stop having so much especially as he will need to be doing sample.

I get the feeling that he thinks I'm a nag and that he thinks he's got loads of time to get sample in, and also that his sample will be fine .

I get that he's stressed but he's not a talker, where as I want to talk about every tiny detail and go by the book I feel like he didn't put much effort in .

I think he thinks we have loads of time bug really we haven't .

I'm really fed up

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Awww Hun. You're not doing yourself any favours in stressing yourself out over this. It's a difficult time for you both, but us women read and read and plan and plan and it's hard not to want them to do the same.

You've got time for him to do his sample. And I'm sure when he does it he won't be having a skin full for the week running up to it.

It's so easy to end up being the nag because you want everything to just go right and perfect this time. Have you bought Zita's book yet? xx


I had a similar issue with my husband before we started our ICSI IVF. We did have some counseling sessions together which helped us to communicate better- my husband was trying to stay calm about it all to counter balance the ball of stress that I was becoming- not realizing that his relaxed attitude was a major cause of my stress! Your husband might be drinking a bit more to help deal with the stress of what's around the corner and thinking he can be more supportive for you if he's relaxed in himself.

Fertility treatment is such a stressful thing to go through as a couple so give yourself a break, it sounds like you're coping really well. Good luck for your cycle. Xxx


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