Endometrium Scratch


I just thought I would let you ladies know of the Scratch Method, I have had it done today before I start my injections on Tuesday. It is being researched at the moment and in studies it has said it can help the embryo implant. Like all studies it says it has helped some people and others it hasn't. It's our 4th go this month and we will try anything for our miracle to come true. It costs Β£250 and it is about a 20 minute procedure and it is uncomfortable and maybe some period pain after and some spotting. Have a look ladies or ask your consultant, if you don't asks you won't know xx good luck to you all πŸ˜€

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  • Hi Kelly-03. Just wanted to wish you well with your next cycle, and let’s hope that the repairing reaction caused by the endometrial scratch helps to aid implantation of your soon to be little embryo(s). Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    Thankyou so much and I wish you all the luck too Xx

  • I had the scratch. I went back to work after. No discomfort just a little during the procedure . definitely recommend it

  • Hi,

    Yes it was uncomfortable during it but after I was fine πŸ˜€

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