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Hi Diane

Hope you are well

I'm due to start patches on day 3 of my cycle which is due in the next day or so.

I then have to make an appointment to see the doctor 10-13 days after.

What are they looking for on the appointment?

Also, I'm terrified as last time my 15 eggs were great day 2 but day 3 only 4 OK and bad quality.

I have 6 frozen on day 3 and am terrified to go through the patches then they don't survive the thaw

They have said if it doesn't work the need to do further tests? On my husband as it's easier to test sperm than egg. Any idea what they will look into

Last, how on earth do women get the strength to keep doing this ? It's tearing me apart.

How do they deal with the massive surges of hormones?!?? The downer


I don't know I have it

And the thought of doing another extraction which is done without anaesthetic just terrified me. I had a full blown panic attack last time and was sick in theatre :(

I can't stop as I'll feel guilty that I've not done everything to try.

What a mess

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Hi Losinghopefast77. I assume that they are oestrogen patches you are using? They are to build up the lining of your womb ready for embryo transfer. Straightforward embryo transfer should be no problem. Should you have to go through a fresh cycle again, then you need to make sure you have adequate sedation and pain relief. I don’t believe in suffering if it can be avoided, so make sure you ask. Not sure what tests your husband would need to have, but maybe chromosome testing or even blood tests on you both to check your immune system – you will have to ask. As regards to finding the strength to carry on with it all, most women do out of their desire to have a baby of their own. If you feel you’re not coping too well, then if you haven’t already done so, book an appointment with the counsellor, then you can talk over your worries on neutral ground. I do hope all goes well when you go back and you can proceed with the transfer. Diane

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Thanks so much x


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